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Neon Genesis Evangelion by Fumino Hayashi
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Jun 17, 09

What a way for a series to self-destruct. Fumino showed a tremendous amount of promise, swinging away at a plot that seemed baked, cut, dried and hardened in the minds of many fans of the series. Ultimately, he may have pushed to hard to go somewhere with his plot and do something important. When the teenage cast of Evangelion becomes adults, the shark has been jumped, and the series falls into a bunch of episodes of "Touched by an Angel" before just stopping.

Was there a lack of confidence in his own abilities, or was Fumino just put in charge of something too big for himself... I'm not sure. What I do know is that I've seen plenty of authors jump sharks, then completely change the plot so the shark isn't all that relevant after all (see Battle Angel Alita for an almost chapterly rendition of this trick). All Fumino needed to do is create a next generation of Eva pilots, give the first generation new jobs, and keep plugging. I just hope he was blocked by Gainax from doing anything really messy, and not himself.

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