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Angels In My Hair by Lorna Byrne
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Jun 17, 09

Read in June, 2009

International best-selling Memoir of Lorna Byrne..... This sweet Irish woman and mother, whom some might call a mystic, has written very simply about her interesting and unusual life experiences. One factor that sets her life apart from most of the rest of us is that while she was growing up, she was called "retarded," an inadequate label for mystifying and serious learning difficulties that I suspect reflect neurological wiring differences. She was taken out of school, when she was -- I believe-- about ten, but she was considered "retarded" from her earliest years -- even before entering school. If by using the internet you observe her being interviewed, it should be quite clear that "retarded" is a completely erroneous label for this pleasant-looking, somewhat shy, but clear-spoken and articulate woman.
What some readers may have difficulty absorbing is the theme throughout the story -- that Lorna, from her very earliest memories, sees and communicates with beings of light she calls angels. These spirit beings are characters in her life story as prevalent as family members.
She says that she did not realize in her earliest life that others did not see and experience the world as she did (well, young children normally "see" things and have imaginary playmates and the like, but are taught in our western culture to categorize such experiences as not REAL...) Indeed, she soon learned not to share much with others -- she was being raised in an Irish Catholic family and culture, after all, and her experiences -- even as a child-- seemed to her outside the norm. (Lorna had guides instructing her and showing her possible glimpses of the future, for starters. )
What is perception anyhow? How do we know what anyone else is really experiencing? Reading this book is a start. She speaks of how distracting it could be at times to have so many spirit beings present, sometimes playfully doing somersaults or speaking to her, when human beings were communicating with her, too. Her life journey is one most open-minded readers will enjoy learning about--- even if they have an alternate explanation for some of the experiences that she writes about. She is a woman most of us would be fascinated to meet. I, for one, have always considered the possibility that I might have a guardian angel. Here comes a person who says that everyone she has seen has a guardian angel of light. How cool would it be to meet a person such as Lorna who could talk to our guardian angels and find out their names!
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