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Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor
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Jun 15, 09

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I don't think Nancy is bratty or conceited - I think she's a little girl who, like many young children, likes shiny and "fancy" things. And she has remarkably supportive parents - just look at their shopping list! Milk, eggs, bread, fuschia hair mousse.

The pictures are... interesting. They really accurately capture the moods of the characters - the little sister copying her big sister (or grumbling as the crown is patiently taped back on her head!), the kid jumping for excitement. All the same, the actual pictures of the characters seems a little off to me. Like the scene where we see Nancy peeking from behind the fridge door after she taped the poster on it. Realistic? Yes. Do I like it? For some reason, no. It's just a matter of simple preference, and not something I'd rate down for.

I will rate down for the text. It's a bit dull, and while I appreciate the effort to cram new vocabulary words in (Posh is a fancy word for fancy!) I find it all to be a excessively... what is that fancy word? Oh yes, didactic. I found this method of teaching to be condescending when I was a child, and now that I'm *reading* to kids I don't like it any more.

The storyline's a bit bland, too. How many stories do we need about children having minor mishaps and getting hugged? Nothing against it, but surely the market must be glutted by now? (Which reminds me, I'm also not a fan of all the merchandising surrounding this book, but that's an unrelated issue.) And as for "there isn't a fancier or better way of saying I love you", I get the point, but sure there is! My nieces come up with them every day! "You're my sunshine" and "You make me happy whenever I'm with you" and "Your smile brightens cloudy days" and "When you cry, it hurts my heart", and my personal favorite, "You're the BEST, Connie!", accompanied by a BIG HUG. (Not to mention all the nonverbal ways of saying you love somebody - hugging them, snuggling them, being fancy for them, getting them something nice just because you know it'll make them happy, giving them the last piece of cake instead of squabbling over it, covering up for your sister's mistake by claiming YOU scribbled on the wall and not her (not something I want to encourage, but it's the thought, right?), asking your aunt if your sister can come out of time-out because you don't REALLY mind that she hit you, you forgive her - lots of ways!)

My nieces enjoy this book, I guess, although it isn't their favorite.
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