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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by George Gordon Byron
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Nov 19, 14

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Read in November, 2014, read count: 5

This is my favorite work by Lord Byron. Hands down. No contest. I revisit it often to read favorite sections.

Via the character of Childe Harold, and later simply as himself, Byron explores the world. He visits places like Spain, Turkey, and of course, Greece. He also muses on great historical figures like Napoleon. Think of this as the ultimate road trip epic, set via 19th Century Romanticism. Do you like movies like Easy Rider? This work is in the same vein.

The language is more accessible than Shakespeare. Still, I recommend picking up a well-footnoted edition, and keeping a dictionary handy. Often, Byron uses words differently than we do today. So it is worth referencing archaic definitions that add fascinating layers to the text.

Wish you could meet Byron and interact with him in person? Read this pilgrimage poem.
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George Gordon Byron
“Then stirs the feeling infinite, so felt
In solitude, where we are least alone.”
George Gordon Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

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message 1: by Cami (new) - added it

Cami Ah, it all makes sense now.

Jake Um, what? Please do elaborate. You know what? Don't elaborate. I'm not talking to you or anyone on this website ever again. Somebody have a sailboat I can borrow? I'm outta here!

message 3: by Cami (new) - added it

Cami Huh? I hope you're kidding.
I just meant your blog title.
I look forward to picking up this book.

Jake Oh, I was just acting up like Childe Harold would. In the first canto he decides he's sick of home. So he gets on a sailboat and begins traveling, first to Spain, then Greece etc. Yes, definitely kidding ;-).
I thought you might be teasing me like my college professors did when I told them I liked the infamous Lord Byron. As one of them said, "Oh, you're sick!"

message 5: by Cami (new) - added it

Cami Seriously? Byron is great.

You are a punk and you have had me worried all day. Ugh. Where was the emoticon then?! I have fragile internet self-esteem, I guess.

Now I really have to read this.

Jake My sincere apologies for mixed signals. I hope you like Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. It's my favorite Byron work overall, which is not to say every single line of it is riveting. But in terms of the whole package, I think it is as good as he gets.

message 7: by Cami (new) - added it

Cami You're forgiven.
I have loved anything I've read from Byron, but now realized that I've only read what is in my Dover Thrift Edition of Selected Poems by Byron.

It has that first Canto from Childe.

Jake The first Canto is pretty awesome. I just reread the second one last night. It's a bit slower, but still some great stuff in it. I'm rereading the whole poem in part to do a post about it in my blog.

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