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Redcoats and Rebels by Christopher Hibbert
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Jul 07, 2009

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a fav subject of mine, as i would have fought for the Tories...

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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily You are so not serious!! The Tories???

David Kamioner
Even Jefferson said initially that all they were fighting for were the rights of freeborn Englishmen. and as for the issues: 1) taxation- the allegedly onerous taxes were imposed to pay for the defense of the colonies (much of which revenue already expended in the 7 years war) against the depredations of Indians and the French 2)- one can understand the irredentalism of the thing. but ideology? all men are created equal? oh pleez! as Dr. Johnson said, "Why do we hear the loudest yelps for freedom from the drivers of Negroes." thus, at least the postponement of secession from Old Blighty may have saved us 600,000 dead in the civil war as the Brits not only outlawed slavery but ran anti-slavery patrols (Wilberforce) off the coast of Africa. 3) revolution? no way. coup de tat more like it. one group of Tory/Whig land-owning class aristos was replaced by another across an ocean. not exactly the storming of the Bastille. add this stuff up and, without a crystal ball to predict the amazing success of the American nation, the Tories were the smart, loyal and logical choice.

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