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Odd Hours by Dean Koontz
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Jun 15, 2009

it was ok

Before I start, let me say that I love Odd. I was hooked within sentences, and have been since.
I was disappointed by the previous book (Brother Odd) - I thought that Odd in a monastery was going to be wonderfully entertaining, but instead of being odd as in quirky and unusual, it was odd in the sense of confusing and nonsensical.
I just finished Odd Hours. The first thing I noticed was that Odd's style of dialogue, which had always seemed wonderfully clever in an almost Seuss-like sort of way, now just seems forced and purposefully, frustratingly vague. In the first book, and even the second to a degree, it was as though Odd and his friends spoke volumes with one wryly twisted or purposefully misunderstood word, but in the last two books that has degenerated into pages and pages of dialogued evasions that fill out the book, but say nothing at all.
And seriously, he didn't really need a dog, did he? Come on. The ghost dog was kind of neat, but sheesh.
Mr Koontz: Despite falling away from your work for years at a time, I have continued reading your books because, although they tend to become formulaic and self-plagiarizing at times, there are instances of greatness in your work. From the Corner of His Eye was a book that surprised and delighted me, Watchers was an original favorite, and Odd Thomas seemed to be just the kind of modest hero that I could thoroughly believe in. But please, stop forcing it! If Odd doesn't have anything to say for a few years, it's all right. We'll wait until he does.
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