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Steal the Dragon by Patricia Briggs
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Jun 28, 2009

really liked it
Read in June, 2009

i already had a copy of this lying in my TBR list, but didn't want to damage my own copy with any wear and tear, so instead borrowed a copy from the library instead. the cover of the library copy is a lot more updated and colorful, so it probably lended a different mood to what i would've expected going in with my copy instead. it's almost funny how much these little things affect my expectations, and i suspect that's why publishing companies still have marketing departments.

so, moving right on, i wanted to get into how this ties in with the previous book, masques, first. there are almost no recurring characters, but they are set in the same world; sianim is still the mercenary headquarters from where our protagonist originates, and the magic system is the same as the one from previous books. we learn that the ae'magi is a different man now, and learn more about the races that wield green magic. darran, which was introduced briefly in the first book, is the main setting in this one. the one main difference between the last one and this one is the nature of the characters themselves. the slave turned spy, rialla, is a lot more tortured than the heroine from the last book (damn, i forgot her name already). the relationship that developes throughout the book was also a lot less abrupt. instead of the slightly strange transition i felt in masques, i felt that there was a distinct buildup of the relationship between rialla and tris. however, i didn't find any of the other characters all that compelling, which was a shame, because i never got a true taste of the villain, really. at least, that's how i felt. not much of a fight against overwhelming forces here, but it definitely did concentrate more on the spying she did.

while masques explored torture quite vividly, this one is also quite dark in its own way; among them i found rape and slavery the most prevalent and disturbing. though sometimes i felt that her talk of slavery is only slightly melodramatic, the rape thoroughly disturbed me, only because i am not accustomed to reading about it. the way she ends (sort of) the issue raised with slavery with the conversation near the end is quite satisfying, and it ties religion loosely with the concept of slavery, which is also quite thought provoking. the Finis chapter, though, makes me curious; is this supposed to be the opener for the next book? because that chapter in itself ruined the closure she had established by the end of the chapter before it. i guess i'm going to have to read the next book yet in the sianim world to find out what happens to the rising political conflicts here. i'm somewhat reluctant to move on though, because it would require me to leave behind yet another character. this is yet another reason why i find her series that share protagonists that much easier to read. but aside from that, i will certainly try.

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