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Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish
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Jun 11, 2009

it was amazing

Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish is a stunning follow-up to her debut novel Home Another Way. Benjamin and Abbi Patil have watched their marriage slowly disintegrate after his return from Afghanistan. They are so radically different: Benjamin a police officer who is just your average guy, Abbi a war protester who is vigilant about keeping her vegan diet and safeguarding the earth, it doesn't seem like the love they once shared is enough to pull them through this storm. When Benjamin discovers an abandoned newborn baby and brings her home for them to care for until her parents are discovered, it forces them to re-evaluate their marriage and their future. Matthew, a profoundly sick and deaf teenage boy, drifts into their lives, but it's Matt who has the power to shatter them completely. I love Parrish's novels. Her characters aren't your shiny, bright Christian fiction characters that so many of the novels out there are populated with. Benjamin, Abbi, Matt, and the rest of the characters breathe and bleed realism. You could walk down the street anywhere and meet them. Abbi is sunk deeply in her independence; her fierce determination to be her own person has kept her from committing fully to her marriage. Benjamin wants so desperately to have a normal life, but he's shackled with guilt from the death of his best friend in the war. Matthew takes care of his four cousins, trying to give them a normal life, but his illness has given him an expiration date that makes every moment count. My heart ached for Matthew as he prayed through pi, trying to find peace of mind. Parrish is an enormously talented writer who understands that life doesn't always tie up everything neatly with a bow, and her stories reflect that. The reader realizes that the story doesn't end with the last page of the book, there is more to be said and done. The only sad thing about finishing the story is that I have to wait another year for her next book!

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