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Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
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Jul 18, 2009

it was amazing

"Mack awakened, started up, stretched, staggered to the pool, washed his face with cupped hands, hacked, spat, washed out his mouth, broke wind, tightened his belt, scratched his legs, combed his wet hair with his fingers, drank from the jug, belched and sat down by the fire. 'By god that smells good," he said.
Men all do about the same things when they wake up."

"Once the thing got into your head you couldn't forget it. He finished his sandwich and paid Herman. He purposely didn't look at the milkshake machines lined up so shiny against the back wall. If a man ordered a beer milkshake, he thought, he'd better do it in a town where he wasn't known. But then, a man with a beard, ordering a beer milkshake in a town where he wasn't known--they might call the police. A man with a beard was always a little suspect anyway. You couldn't say you wore a beard because you liked a beard. People didn't like you for telling the truth."

"Doc pulled up at a roadside stand.
'Want some beer?'
'No,' said the hitchhiker. 'And I don't mind saying I think it's not a very good idea to drive under the influence of alcohol. It's none of my business what you do with your own life but in this case you've got an automobile and that can be a murderous weapon in the hands of a drunken driver.'
At the beginning Doc had been slightly startled. 'Get out of the car,' he said softly.
'I'm going to punch you in the nose,' said Doc. 'If you aren't out of this car before I count ten-One-two-three-'"

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