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Chocky by John Wyndham
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Jun 10, 2009

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bookshelves: sci-fi-fantasy, 1001-2006, childrens-1001-12-plus
Read in July, 2009

** spoiler alert ** My review of this short book is more like a hastily written summary. It made me think about the way thoughts are transmitted, and how if we are in tune with them we can hear more that the average person. Chocky awakened Matthew's senses ... here is a synopsis of the story.

Matthew Gore begins hearing a voice; he refers to as "Chocky," asking him to find the meaning of XXXXX. When he begins talking to the voice, he starts asking unusual questions in school and at home. He draws attention to himself, by suddenly beginning to excel in physics, a subject in which he has never been taught. His parents have him to see a "shrink” and his friends call him mad. His music teacher thinks he's a genius after he composes a unique piece of music while under the guidance of Chocky. She enters a song composed by Matthew in a contest and he wins a prize.

One day while out with Polly, his little sister, they fall through thin ice. Matthew, who never learned to swim, is suddenly able to swim saving himself and his sister from drowning. He claims that Chocky saved them. When the media gets involved by reporting the heroic way Matthew saved Polly, the "existence of Chocky" is publicized. Chocky is referred to as the children's "guardian angel."

Matthew is later kidnapped and scientists who have questions about Matthew's sudden understanding of physics, ability to swim, musical talents, inject him with a sort of truth serum to bring Chocky out.

Through it all Matthew's dad remains his son's confidant. When Matthew eventually makes it home, he talks to his father about the experience and says Chocky wants to talk to him too. He goes along with it, not believing at first. Chocky identifies him/herself as a traveler from far away. Matthew, being a child, was picked as a host, because
children are prone to ask questions, and therefore would make a good cover. The purpose of the visit was to instill mathematical understanding of the way the mind could send messages (XXXXX). When Chocky becomes attached to Matthew, he/she is unable to let him drown. By interfering and preventing the natural occurrence of events, Chocky is in danger of exposure. With Matthew's newly acquired skills, and the attention he receives, Chocky has come this last time to say goodbye, and to advise Matthew not to pursue a career in Physics. Instead she encourages him to use what she/he taught him about music, to share the message with others ... Listen to what is around you more closely and new worlds will open up.
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