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Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child
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Jun 10, 2009

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Read in March, 2009

A group of scientists are at a remote Alaskan decommissioned radar base conducting research into global warming and studying a fast melting glacier. In the course of their investigation the discover a newly uncovered cave, a lava tube that leads them to a larger chamber where they discover animal frozen in the ice. Speculation from what they can see is that it is a smilodon or saber tooth tiger. Back at the base they have some visitors, several members of a small native tribe lead by their shaman. The shaman has a message for them, “Leave now, it’s dangerous to stay”. Not heeding what they figure is native superstition the scientists stay and soon, word having gotten back to the sponsors of the project, they are inundated by a documentary production company lead by a self important director. The company more or less takes over the base and soon has cut out a block of ice containing the frozen animal and placed it in a climate controlled container. The Director has big plans for an award winning documentary when they thaw out the find. Before things can begin one of the scientists notices a large pool of water beneath the container and a hole in the floor. Oh oh, what next? Well you are going to have to find out for yourselves by reading the book. Its readable, the plot keeps moving, the theme has been done before over the years but here is a different take and setting. Enjoy!
ISBN - 978-0-385-51551-1, Suspense, Pages - 320, Print Size - R, Rating - 4.25

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