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Witch & Wizard by James Patterson
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Nov 20, 2009

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Eh. This book wasn't all that great. I had expected more from James Patterson because I absolutely adored his previous series, Maximum Ride. Unfortunately, Witch & Wizard was a step down.

The one thing that really irked me was the fact that the writing style of Witch & Wizard seemed geared towards MG and Children instead of the YA audience which was something I had assumed. The writing seemed simple and straightfoward. There weren't a lot of details and the whole book lacked sophistication.

The main characters, Wisty and Whit, were so 2D that it wasn't even funny. There was absolutely no real depth to their personality and everything they did was extremely predictable.

Oh, and another thing I disliked was the way the story was formatted. I didn't mind the short chapters because a lot of books are written in that way, however, I disliked how there was no pattern as to whose perspective the chapter was in. For example, there would be a few continuous chapters from Whit's perspective and then one random chapter of wisty's perspective and back again. There wasn't a clear pattern for this and after a while, I got confused as to whose perspective I'm reading in because after a few chapters of the same person, I tend to assume it'll be that person for the next chapter but no, it just changes randomly.

I do agree that there's a nonending action but even the action seemed extremely childish. It just didn't seem like something I would really care about. The whole "The One Who Is [insert something here:]" seemed stupid and childish. The whole thing really had no point.

Overall, Witch & Wizard isn't a hard read or anything but I don't suggest reading this book just because now you'll look at James Patterson in disbelief - how can a guy who wrote the Maximum Ride series write such a pointless, childish book? Much less, a series.

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