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The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru
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Jul 01, 2009

it was amazing
Read in May, 2004

India’s past; her glory, her victory, her shock, her reminiscence, her philosophy, her geography, her fate, and her everything… This is a compelling read from the man who lead India in her darkest hour; the man who was chosen by destiny to enlighten the Indians, proves himself to be an enlighten soul when it comes to know her. The history is nothing like a research material as it was intended to, primarily; ignite curiosity in a nine year old girl to know about her motherland. If you find the book bit exaggerated, forgive as it was written to make reader passionate about India.

Pt. Nehru was one of the most prominent freedom fighter, whom Mahatma Gandhi referred as his soul. The British rule always see to that he was in prison; desalinating him from people including his daughter Indira. This book was written while he was in jail; where in there was no reference books were available, even limited papers were given to him every day. Pt. Nehru, arguably man who could be held responsible for today’s India, was a man of immense personality. It’s very easy to point out technical mistakes in this book as it has been done with his vision of modern India, however one should clock back to see themselves in his shoes acting differently.
His failures are glorified today, from Kashmir blunder to loosing out to China, but one should also thank him for his Mixed economy, industrialization, IIMs and IITs, socialistic India, and most importantly, Secular & Democratic India.
The book is full of his philosophies, ideals; socialism, secularism, and democracy, which he preached while practicing (unlike hypocrites) the same till his last breath.

Read this book as his autobiography where in he teaching his otherwise not so knowledgeable daughter, Indira Priyadarhini, (later Ms. Indira Gandhi - no blood relative to Mahatma Gandhi) the history of India’s past. They were letters which he might have known, while writing the mails, to reach wider audience than to his adorable child.

Today with all the luxuries of life, we struggle to be a good caring father to our children, and somehow manage to meet, but for Pt. Nehru it was as way of life. He was one of the best fathers a child can ever dreamt of. Read this book with a child’s heart and mind!

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message 1: by Jayendra (new)

Jayendra You are probably mistaken with Glimpses of World History (GWH). GWH is the collection of letters written by Nehru to his daughter.

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