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Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella
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Jun 14, 09

really liked it

Becky and Luke have been married for ten months and are on honeymoon in Asia when the book opens. Though they have been enjoying themselves, they decide it is time to return to England. Luke immediately goes back into businessman-mode, cutting his hair and donning suits once more. Before returning home, they stop for a brief trip in Milan, where Luke is meeting a potential client. After totaling up the large number of purchases they have accrued during their trip, not to mention the cost of hotel stays, Becky agrees that she will not buy anything in Milan. But the chance of a lifetime comes along - an Angel bag, the It bag of the season which Becky simply has to have. A businessman helps Becky jump to the head of the waiting list, and Becky promises to pay him back somehow.

Once back in England, Becky and Luke stop to visit the Bloomwood family and surprise them with their early return, but the Bloomwoods seem to be hiding something. Not only that, but they are not impressed with Becky's gifts and don't seem as excited as Becky had hoped. The next day, they go to the christening of Suze's twins. Unfortunately, Suze has befriended a local woman and mother of four, to whom she can relate to more than Becky. Becky's troubles become worse when two trucks full of her souvenirs arrive. With her new job not due to start for several months, Luke orders Becky to sort things out around the house with her spare time.

Becky's parents arrive with big news - they didn't want to tell Becky initially, but she has a half-sister from a previous relationship of her father's. Becky is ecstatic - she claims that she has felt a hole in her life and has always wanted a sister. She imagines shopping, girls' nights in, and a new best friend to replace Suze. Once she meets her half-sister Jess, she is disappointed: Jess is studious, thrifty, and a bit standoffish. Jess tries to encourage Becky to save money; Becky can't comprehend why Jess doesn't want to do anything fun. Becky overhears Luke saying that she is hard to live with, and thinks that her marriage is over.

After a falling-out with Jess, Becky decides to go to her home in northern England to learn to be thrifty. Jess has departed on a mountain climb on a gloomy day, and Becky follows to try to catch up. She ends up off the trail and falls. Luckily Jess watches over her and the two girls discover that though their interests are different, they have the same level of passion. The book ends with Becky helping Jess organize a protest against a new shopping mall (which turns out to be one of Luke's new clients) and Becky discovering that she is pregnant.

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message 1: by Hedzlyn (new)

Hedzlyn Helwaty Finally! Becky is learning to be more careful in spending her money. Having just finished Shopaholic, I was very annoyed by her materialistic ways.

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