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Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
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Jun 07, 2009

it was ok
Read in June, 2009

I'm not too enthusiatic in reading this one. For one thing they broke up. I always thought that it's going to be them against the world forever, whatever world that is.

And to think that he returned to his former "lover" which is not too outstanding at all. She's not even discribed too well.

C'monn even Sookie can staked her (although from Eric description at first he seemed to regard her as someone more powerful due to his longer existence. I mean he had doubt if he can finish the job. HAH!!!)

BUT she needs to decide: Bill, Eric or Alcide!! She can't just a little from here and there. Although a sneak peak at Wiki more or less tell me the rest of the series...hmmphhh...I still think Charlaine should just create a better Bill and make them a happy couple despite everything (not that I want them in a Bella-Edward way). It's just such a waste of feeling that I've build from the beginning of the be just thrown out like that.

On the story side, I think this one was too "forced," (I don't know what's the appropriate terms to use). Starting from the way Bill left and the so called Project that Bill's working on. I mean I know it's like a list of agent for some secret agency, which will be very dangerous if it fall to the enemy. But, it's the vampire itself who wants the program not human. Also, the complication is solved just as easily when at first it's prolong and describe as something that can lead to total war. Just by one phone call from Bill??!! I would have thought he or Eric would have avenged Russel for taking him prisoner and torture him. And Sookie of course has to be involved and she's involved in everything. I started to think all trouble start from her. Her involvement too is I think too "forced" I don't know...sometimes it doesn't make sense what I read.

I'm not too happy...but I think I'll read on the whole series anyway. It's still fun!! Plus I'm waiting for the movie season 2 to start too. Can't wait to see Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer...maybe a bit of Eric too. I heard he's going to be awsome this season (just like in the book ^_^).
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