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The Lost Sister by Megan Kelley Hall
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Nov 11, 2012

it was amazing
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THE LOST SISTER is Megan Kelley Hall's equally enthralling follow-up to SISTERS OF MISERY. Hall loses no momentum, picking up the Gothic thriller a year after the terrible events that happened to Cordelia on Misery Island.

One year removed from her near-death experience courtesy of Hawthorne's Sisters of Misery, Cordelia is in Maine, hunting down Malcolm Crane, her estranged father whom she holds responsible for all of the tragedies that have befallen the women in her family.

Maddie is away at boarding school, trying to put Hawthorne and the guilt she harbors regarding Cordelia's disappearance in the past. When she receives news that her mother has cancer, she knows that she must return to Hawthorne and care for her sick mother. A warning in the form of a spooky tarot card does nothing to quell Maddie's fears about returning to her hometown and facing her demons.

Shortly after her return, Maddie's world is once again turned upside down and the events that she has tried so hard to forget come rushing back.

When one of the Sisters of Misery is killed at a party thrown by the Endicotts' to gain public support for their hotel, Hawthorne begins turning on its own. Finn and Reed, both suspects in Cordelia's disappearance, are once again arrested, this time for suspected murder. Only Cordelia's sudden return to Hawthorne and testimony that neither man had anything to do with her disappearance frees them.

The Endicotts' plans to erect a new hotel, The Endicott, where the Ravenswood asylum stands, is unexpectedly halted due to a freak fire burning down all of the new buildings. Some suspect the spirits of the witches that were condemned so long ago, while others point to arson.

The curse upon Hawthorne is very real. A fire. A murder. A kidnapping. If Maddie and Cordelia are to survive this deadly turn of events, they will have to use their mysterious abilities and they will have to trust each other as sisters. Someone, or something, is after them, and Maddie and Cordelia have only each other.

Hall will have your heart racing and you will not be able to put this book down. With historical allusions to the New England witch trials and a touch of the paranormal, THE LOST SISTER is a thriller in a league of its own.
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