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A Little Secret Between Friends by C.J. Carmichael
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Apr 08, 2016

bookshelves: romance-covers-i-have-loved

this one makes the all-time list. a truly stunning visual narrative - i only wish the picture on here were bigger so everyone could enjoy it. is this better??

i bought several copies of this book to cover-frame as gifts, but i feel like i can never have enough copies. so the title is what it is and then the bottom-half of the cover (which we assume is in the past cuz it's a little fuzzy) shows these two young girls pointing at a dog that is in a position which raises its hindquarters (suggestively?? playfully?? it depends on your view - i would have said innocently, but there's something creepier at work here) and they are pointing at its backside and one of them has like a stick or something. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO/WITH THAT DOG?? because in the upper panel the older of the two is with a man and her face looks... alarmed. like she is thinking back to this incident with the dog. will he be able to satisfy her like that dog did? is she a dog rapist?? did she love that dog?? what is the little secret between friends?? it is inscrutable!!
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Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Analytical prowess on the scene.

Here's the largest image of the cover I could find in a 10 second search:

message 2: by karen (new) - added it

karen see thats great - what is she even holding?? what is she pointing at? what are they plotting?? i do not trust these ladies and their secrets.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen What makes a romance a super romance?

The split cover art?

I think the bosses couldn't decide what cover to put on it so they used both.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Perhaps the girl on the right grows up to be the male in the equation of that awkward, "romantic" moment being shared above. The dog is a red herring I tells ya!

message 5: by karen (new) - added it

karen superromances are even longer than their other monthly counterparts. i think thats all it is. and if that is true - that is some fine surgery. they should teach courses in these books.

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 01, 2009 05:42PM) (new)

"Of course I will marry you! But, first...there's something you should know about my past." She looks into the face of her lover, ready to face the music.

"There's nothing you can tell me that will..."

"NO LISTEN! Remember my dog Sparky?"

message 7: by karen (new) - added it

karen hahahah exactly. and where ARE they in that top picture?? are they trapped in a wedding cake??

message 8: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 06:55PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I still think her friend gets a full sexual reassignment and then they get married and stare at one another awkwardly for long stretches of time as depicted on the cover and it seriously creeps out their dinner guests and so forth. And maybe there's some hard core bestiality tossed in there somewhere too. That's a toss up for me. Infinite possibilities, really.

message 9: by Greg (new)

Greg maybe as children they 'played' with the dog, but now it's going to be the man who takes the dogs place on all fours, presenting himself for the stick thing in the girls hand.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I was also considering the dog becoming the man somehow. Uncanny!

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio A la Teenwolf.

message 12: by Greg (new)

Greg I wanted to see what else this author wrote and found this.

The Dad Next Door (Harlequin Superromance) by C.J. Carmichael

The little girl is straddling him while the mother holds him, or maybe that is only what it looks like in this little picture of the cover.

message 13: by Greg (new)

Greg The romance of a man and a young girl?

Mr. Family (Harlequin Superromance #711) by Margot Early

message 14: by karen (new) - added it

karen no no!! thats perfect!! that man used to be that dog!! i never even considered that!! and that little girl is some magical imp with a wand who turned mans best friend into...MAN!!!

message 15: by karen (new) - added it

karen we need to keep better track of the fun ones as they come in...

message 16: by Greg (new)

Greg and the look on the womans face could be that he smells like wet dog, her sister has fooled her again with her dog to man magical wand.

message 17: by karen (new) - added it

karen hahaahaha how do you get fooled more than once?? surely you learn a test or two to determine if your men were previously dogs. a game of fetch perhaps?? or a walk past a fire hydrant??

message 18: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 08:20PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio You all make me sentimental for my bookstore employee daze. I worked at the now long gone Crown Books. Anyone remember Crown? Borders put us out of business. When they filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy they told us we could take as many books for free as we wanted. This changed very little from our normal attitude towards the store. I remember this really creepy guy named Lee who would always take tons of the porn mags when we'd be throwing out the old ones. Do you guys have a Lee? Please tell me you have Lee?

message 19: by karen (new) - added it

karen sheeeeit we dont even have porn mags...

message 20: by karen (new) - added it

karen we do have a lee but shes an older woman who works for maintenance. i cant picture her stealing pornos.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Well then she's no Lee. And that's the funny thing: he didn't steal them. He took them from the recycling bin, totally legit.

Yeah, I think successful chain bookstores tend to avoid the porn mags. Maybe that was Crown's downfall?

After that I worked at a used book store in the mall that made Crown look brilliant. Good times.

message 22: by karen (new) - added it

karen we sold them at the other branch i used to work at, but not at this one. who knows why? probably because they are high-theft items. we do sell a variety of beading magazines, so we make up for it...

message 23: by Greg (new)

Greg we have the big cock book though.

message 24: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 08:27PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Now I'm remembering the bad times...finding nude photo books and porn mags in the bathroom. One time someone smeared their "leavings" on the walls and such. I told management they could fire me before I cleaned up that mess (it worked in my favor). And this was in the "civilized" Chicagoland region of Gurnee, Illinois. Haha. Yeah, not too surprising really. People's generally horrible feces-related sexual behavior is not bound by geography. Or so Confucius says.

message 25: by karen (new) - added it

karen im so glad i never ever have to use the customer bathrooms. the horror stories are too numerous.

and the big penis book is aaart. and like harry potter, i am the last of us who has never looked at it. because im such a pruuuuude.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I've also never read any of the Harry Potter books and in a vague, mild way somewhat proudly so. Though it's never taken any effort on my part. But I certainly arranged many displays of Harry Potter books. I remember when the fourth one came out we pulled a midnight sale thing and the line was ridiculous, from the registers to the back and around to the front and out the door. I did nothing but ring up the same book for two hours. Freaks! Nah, it's pretty good to be obsessed with stories sometimes.

message 27: by karen (new) - added it

karen jesus - yeah i lived through 2 midnight magic parties. we had jim dale and live falcons and people on stilts and just general chaos...it was an all day bonanza. but at least i got a t shirt...oh and a hat!!

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio ...a wizard's hat I hope?

message 29: by karen (new) - added it

karen well i did get a little kid-sized wizard hat, but i also got official harry potter baseball caps. and like glow in the dark spectacles and goblets. but my wand broke. how will i turn my dogs into men???

message 30: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 08:49PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Wow, we did not have all those fantastic treasures. Though I'm pretty sure I must've smoked some pot in preparation for that shift...so, it might've been almost that fun.

Dog-to-man? Hmmm...that's a real chin scratcher. I'll get back to you on this.

Maybe you need to read the book to discover the secret...? If you do, please post the outstanding parts of the dialogues and descriptions. It'd be your comedic duty, I think.

message 31: by karen (new) - added it

karen i think i may have thrown away the bodies of the books and kept only the covers in anticipation of framing them... they are deep in closet, so i will get to that...sometime. who knows, the truth might be disappointing after all of the ideas already discussed.

message 32: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 08:56PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Do you get to keep the bodies of soft cover books, tear the covers off and send them back to the publisher or distributor or whatever it is? I remember us doing that with the mass market paper backs when we weren't selling some or just had too many for whatever reason. I don't quite remember how it works, but it was a regular practice.

message 33: by karen (new) - added it

karen its a big barnes and noble no-no. we have to throw them away. it sucks. we send the covers back to the publisher, but the nude bodies have to be destroyed by the receivers. genocide.

message 34: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 09:02PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio That pisses me off almost as much as it did when I first heard about fast food restaurants going to great lengths to make sure that homeless people couldn't eat the food from their dumpsters. Not only don't they set up a little place to give these people the food that they'll throw away anyway but they put locks on their dumpsters. They don't want to allow people the luxury of diving in their dumpsters. Bastards.

message 35: by Greg (new)

Greg When I worked at Burger King they wouldn't allow employees to eat the food that had been sitting out for the ten or fifteen minutes either. We had to throw them in a pail where they rotted until some poor sap had to go through the pail and count everything that had been thrown away. Ah the memories.

message 36: by Greg (new)

Greg When I worked at Burger King they wouldn't allow employees to eat the food that had been sitting out for the ten or fifteen minutes either. We had to throw them in a pail where they rotted until some poor sap had to go through the pail and count everything that had been thrown away. Ah the memories.

message 37: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 09:25PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio There's just no explanation...what the fuck? Does anyone know of any sort of explanation for these kinds of corporate policies? Are the local sanitation departments somehow making money off of food waste and giving a cut to businesses that slap hungry hands of lowly employees and starving street people away from their unsellable food stuffs? That's the only outlandish explanation I can think up.

message 38: by Greg (new)

Greg On top of that we weren't allowed to leave the store for breaks, so if we were going to eat we had to buy the food there. And then sit and eat it at the tables right in the sight of the managers. I wish I'd realized how fucked up this all was when I was seventeen and working this shitty job.

message 39: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 09:33PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Wow. Not allowed to leave on a break? That's a new one. No outside break food even? Jeeeezus! I guess I am a bit younger so may be things changed since you were 17? I never heard anything like this from my friends who worked fastfood/Burger King specifically. Though I do remember my one friend who did a stint at BK definitely hating life the whole time he was there. My worst job was probably Six Flags. 5.25 an hour and all the usual suspects. I made a solemn oath after that to never work food service again, especially fast food service. And I pulled off the latter part, but definitely scrubbed some dishes after that.

message 40: by Greg (new)

Greg I have a feeling that was just a store rule and not a corporate mandated one. I don't know if there was a rule against brining in outside food, but I think there might have been because I can't imagine that they would have wanted to have employees sitting in the dining area and not enjoying the BK food.

That job made me never want to work in food service again, which I did succeed in if washing dishes and delivering pizza doesn't count. On the plus side of working at BK, after about two months I lost my appetite completely and ended up losing forty pounds, turning me from a chubby insecure high school student into a skinny insecure high school student who always smelled like grease.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Greg wrote: "When I worked at Burger King they wouldn't allow employees to eat the food that had been sitting out for the ten or fifteen minutes either. We had to throw them in a pail where they rotted until s..."

I hate the world.

Red Robin and Old Chicago and all those millions of family places put plastic bags on their crayons and throw them away after one use. Millions of crayons a year, people! I used to work in a strip mall and the manager at OC would save them for me and I'd give them to my students.

message 42: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 09:55PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Crayons, too!?!? Is there nothing this type of Injustice won't touch? Seriously, what a horrible joke.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Not leaving on break was an "expectation" at the coffee shop where I worked in college. I always left the store, though. The other girls couldn't believe my audacity, but they of course never said anything to me (except nervous-laughter-hahas about it))...because it's illegal!

message 44: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Jun 01, 2009 10:21PM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Montambo wrote: "The other girls couldn't believe my audacity, but they of course never said anything to me (except nervous-laughter-hahas about it"

I just pictured them covering their mouths in that classically recognized "ladylike etiquette" kinda way...the kinda way I can't seem to find a picture of anywhere.

message 45: by Lori (new)

Lori Yowza, what is that huge penis coming out between blue sweater's crotch? Yeah, just joining in, late as usual to the conversation which has moved further, carry on.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Lori wrote: "Yowza, what is that huge penis coming out between blue sweater's crotch?"

I don't think it could be anything else. I think these book cover only reviews should happen more often. I thought this was a fun thread.

message 47: by karen (new) - added it

karen i will try to find more at work. i think the north country man one still has room for discussion, for now...

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Maybe because I'm a fan of outdoor sex, this has always been one of my favorites. And doing Ireland?! The place is almost small enough to make it possible!

And this one definitely wins for the creep factor. I hate muscles so much, but I almost hate women who get turned on by muscular babydaddy replacements more!

And this imprint is pure marketing genius, but still so offensive:

Erm. What happened to this fairy dude's pants?

And, finally, these are the romances that I read voraciously in 1986ish. I was obsessed with the models on the front covers, wondering how it felt to have your picture on the cover, and that readers would be picturing you while reading about love. Sigh.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Wow...those are all golden, Montambo!

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

I know. The Diaper Diaries?? From the "Bundles of Joy" imprint? And it's not even a parody.

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