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A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands
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Nov 26, 10

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Read from November 22 to 25, 2010

This story is marketed as being funny, light and cute. I prefer my PNR books to be on the dark and dangerous side, but I needed to read a "Q" book to finish the RRRC's A-Z Book Challenge and A Quick Bite was the only one I had on my TBR - for years, I might add - so I decided to finally give it a chance.

Lissianna Argeneau is a 202-year-old vampire who happens to be, gasp!, hemaphobic. That's not a good thing considering what she is. Concerned about her future, her mother Marguerite decides to give Lissi "the best birthday gift ever": Dr. Greg Hewitt, a 35-year-old psychologist who specializes in phobias. Marguerite is sure he'll be able to cure Lissi's phobia so she can leave a "normal" vampire life.

From the awkward moment they meet, Greg and Lissi feel attracted to each other, but nothing good can come out of it because (1) she's a vampire, (2) he's a mere mortal and (3) he'll have his memory erased as soon as he cures her phobia. Naturally, nothing goes according to Marguerite's plan, and Greg and Lissi find themselves running for their lives. But who's after them? Her wacky family? An unsuspected vampire hunter?

That wasn't a bad setup, but I'm afraid Ms. Sands didn't make it work for me. I didn't laugh at any of the attempted jokes, I hated Lissi's silly cousins (to the point that I lost track of who was who), I didn't care for the numerous one-dimensional secondary characters and I didn't feel any sexual chemistry between Greg and Lissi. They were both nice enough - well, they weren't annoying - but I didn't feel any love between them. They had a strong connection, I grant you that, but it only veered into the friendship zone - at least, that's how I felt.

Simply put, there was no character development in this book. Lissi was unbelievably imature for her age. I don't care if she was considered extremely young in vampire years. Come on, she was 202 years old! She should have been way wiser than she was. I just don't get it. Unless... Do vampire brains develop at a slower rate than mere mortals'? Does vampire blood affect their learning curve so bad that 200-year-old vampires act and talk like teenagers? *groans*

Greg was another "problem", as I couldn't understand his actions. He was kidnapped, tied up and left without food or water for hours, and took it all in stride. Sure, he had a hissy fit at first, but then calmed down and became the most complacent kidnapped victim of all times. Puh-lease! And when he found out that those deranged people who had kidnapped him were vampires, did he freak out? Of course not! He simply sat down with Lissi - actually, he was tied up to the bed, but at that point, he couldn't care less - and listened attentively while she recited History of the Vampires: Origin & Evolution. Gah!

To be fair, I thought the explanation for the origin of the vampires devised by Ms. Sands was unexpected and interesting, but I didn't like the way she explored that concept. When all was said and done, I got the feeling that the Argeneau vampires were just like any regular mortal human with a few enhanced characteristics to make them different. For a PNR, this book was the most un-PNR I've ever read.

So, as you might have guessed by now, I didn't like this book. It had some good parts - mainly when Greg and Lissi were on their own and away from her wacky family - but those few and far in between moments weren't enough to make up for everything else. Overall, this was a very disappointing read to me.
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0.0% "Some of my friends loved this book, others hated it. Let's find out how I'll feel about it, shall we?" 9 comments
11/22/2010 page 74
21.0% "These vampires act like a bunch of silly teenagers. :-/" 14 comments
11/23/2010 page 135
38.0% "Interesting explanation for the origin of these vampires. Should I move this book from the PNR shelf to the sci-fi shelf?" 4 comments
11/24/2010 page 215
60.0% "The story has gotten a little better now that Greg and Lissiana are away from her obnoxious family. I hope they stay away until the end of the book." 7 comments
11/24/2010 page 254
71.0% "One good thing I can say about Greg and Lissiana is, they will never have a Big Misunderstanding because they do talk to each other openly. Unfortunately, I still don't feel the chemistry between them - and they just had sex for the 1st time!" 1 comment
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100.0% "Finally!!!"

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message 1: by Rane (new)

Rane Great Review Dina, I have yet to find a Sands book I've liked, her writing voice just doesn't pull me in

Dina Thanks, Rane. I liked Love Is Blind. It's a light and funny historical romance, and it worked for me. That's my quirk: light and funny PNR isn't my cuppa.

message 3: by Samantha (last edited Nov 25, 2010 06:54PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Samantha Girl, I knew you wasn't going to like it. I totally didn't like this book.

Dina Oh well, at least I got to remove it from my TBR. :)

message 5: by Fani (new)

Fani Sorry you didn't like it Dina, but I agree with you. Only read one Sands' Argeneau book (Love Bites) and it was my last.

Dina Thanks, Fani. I usually give an author at least 3 chances to make a good impression on me, but I don't think I'll read another PNR by Sands. I plan to read another HR by her, though. I really liked Love Is Blind.

message 7: by DarienMoya (last edited Nov 26, 2010 04:09PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

DarienMoya I am not surprised by you didn't love it, I gave it 3 stars and that's because it's so Canadian lol. Not my fave of the series but I continued on and it ain't all bad actually it's my go too when I don't want serious vamp awesomeness.

Great review!

Dina Thanks, Darien. I don't think I'll ever find myself not wanting serious vamp awesomeness, LOL.

message 9: by Fani (last edited Nov 27, 2010 01:11AM) (new)

Fani Dina wrote: "Thanks, Fani. I usually give an author at least 3 chances to make a good impression on me, but I don't think I'll read another PNR by Sands. I plan to read another HR by her, though. I really liked..."

I like her historicals myself. I also liked Love is Blind, but The Switch is my favorite. If you enjoy girls dressing as men, give it a try.

message 10: by Buggy (new)

Buggy I didn't care for this series either I also like my Vamps dark and dangerous and this was just too silly. Plus the continuously popping into bags of blood really annoyed me

message 11: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB I tried Single White Vampire and hated it. I like my PNR more serious too unless it's Laurenston who I like her humor.

Great review Dina! I guess some people like this series, I don't get it.

message 12: by Dina (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dina Fani wrote: "Dina wrote: "I like her historicals myself. I also liked Love is Blind, but The Switch is my favorite. If you enjoy girls dressing as men, give it a try."

Will do, Fani. I already have The Switch on my Wish List. Guess you recommended it to me? Yup, you! ;)

message 13: by Dina (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dina Buggy & Melissa - From what I've heard from people who like this series, they think it's a nice break from the "heavy" PNR that dominates the industry. I understand the need for a break, I just look it elsewhere - historicals, contemporaries, romantica...

message 14: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Great review, Dina! At least you got "Q" out of the way. :)

I read this series back before I knew there were heavier styles of PNR. It was alright, and I read it for awhile, but once I discovered Feehan I chucked her. Of course Feehan got chucked eventually too, but that was a whole different ball of wax!

message 15: by Dina (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dina Thanks, Catherine. Yeah, it was good to finish the A-Z Book Challenge, LOL.

message 16: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Was that your last letter?

message 17: by Dina (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dina Yes, Catherine. I postponed reading this book as long as I could because I had the feeling it wasn't my cuppa, but it was the only "Q" book I had on my TBR so I had no other choice.

Now I'm struggling to finish the A-Z Author Challenge: I need to read a book by an author whose first or last name starts with "U". There are no romance writers that fit that rule! I think I'm going to settle for a Lisa Unger book. I've never read anything by her, but I've read some good reviews on her books.

message 18: by Catherine (new)

Catherine U's a hard one! I can't even think of one author.

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