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Dec 25, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended to Tiffany by: Jenn
Read in December, 2009 — I own a copy , read count: 2

I GOT THE BOOK THIEF FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!! You should be grateful, Jenn, cause I was gonna steal it from you after I gave it for your birthday. Or, I wasn't even gonna give it to you! Anyways, THANK YOU SANTA!

Overlook of the whole story before spoilers:
IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! Like, it's really sad with all the deaths, and stuff, but still! The thing about death being the narrator is weird. <--- Not a spoiler. You should know before you read. I'm not really sure why, but you know. Anyways, it's really good. This is one of the books I just have to give a spoiler for. I wish other people could read it, but oh well. They'll just have to suffer the pain of not reading this book. Too bad, bubs... I am sooo weird...




************************************************* *********************************************************

12/21/09 OMG! This really is good. Jenn, you really do have a good taste in books!!!!! OMG! OMG! At first, I was like, THE BOOK THIEF IS SUCH A STUPID NAME!!! Like, if it is about the narrator, then why is it called The Book Thief?? I only figured out that Death is the narrator until Jenn told me... thanks. I'll keep posted!!!! Oh yeah, Meminger sounds like Mellark... PEETA!!!! And... WHERE DID LIESEL'S MOMMY GO??
pg. 137

OMG! OMG! AGAIN! I predicted that Max Vandenburg was Erik's son. I still don't get who Walter Kugler is. Well, I'll find out soon. Who dropped off the stuff for Max to escape. Walter or Hans?? And when it said that he was to open the book while he was still in the shack, it said, "Ignore the woman over there." Like what was that about?? Too bad. It's still really good. I can't believe Rudy and Liesel stole food! I don't know why this is so surprising. Did Arthur move because he thought they were gonna get him caught???
pg. 190

It's really good. Nothing really exciting happened, but the little book Max made was so sweet! I loved it! Oh yeah, and why did Mama and Papa not want her to visit Max for a while? Now what happened to Max's family... probably died...
pg. 238

So, I haven't posted for a 100 pages. OMG! I was so scared that Max really was going to die cause the chappie was called Fresh Air, An Old Nightmare, and what to do with a Jewish Corpse. I was like, " OH NO!" I really like Max. You know how Max said that he was gonna punch death before he died? Well, I was wondering if death was gonna say that, but I guess not yet. She stole from the mayor's wife! TWICE! Well, actually, I don't feel so bad. I think Mama is getting better (nicer). How do they still survive? Like, they pulled through before, but cause Mama also had the washing and ironing. Oh well. I love the part of the snowman! I wonder what really made him sick, you know? Again, when Liesel gives Max the little gifts, it was sooooo cute! Back to the Max dying thing, I thought Mama was going to tell her that Max died. That was why her hair was messed up. Cause she didn't have time. She had to tell Liesel. But she had a good thing to say instead. YAY! OMG! I have to keep reading.
pg. 335

12/23/09 Technically I read the chappies yesterday, but I'm posting now. So, when Liesel was saying how not only would Max have a better chance of dying, he would die alone. I was soooo sad. It made me like wanna cry. Also, the Death's diary thing is cool. Whoa. I just noticed that the story isn't about death. Wow. I'm really stupid... OMG! READ!!! How many times have I said that? In other context, too, I mean.
pg. 390

12/24/09 Again, same thing. I read this chappie yesterday, but I had to go to sleep. Ugh. I knew Rudy would die, but... wahhh!!!!! But he probably would have died in war anyways. I wonder what they actually said when he went back to the dominoes... ha! Now I get the cover... I guess... It was really creepy with the Jew parade and stuff. It scared me. I hate how they are sooooo mean!!!!!
pg. 412

I have a lot of questions that I don't remember. Well, the first one is about the naked Rudy... WHAT?? It's sooo weird! Also, the part where Papa sees the dead boy named Rudy. I got all freaked out like it was actually Rudy. And the thing about breaking into his father's store. I didn't get it. Oh well. There wasn't as big of a plot here. It's soooo sad how the second son died. (or was he the first?) It was kinda weird how she didn't want to leave the house. But in the end, they still all lived. Was the pilot dying the second time death saw Liesel? Right? Or was it the third. Whatever, it was still a great story. Wow. That was long.

YAY! I FINISHED!!! Actually, I'm gonna log on 2 times worth of reading. So, when Liesel was with Max during the march, I was sooooooo sad! I thought he died until the end. So did Ilsa Hermann adopt Liesel? After Rudy came out of the shelter, when he went to the plane, I almost thought that his father was the pilot. I was almost heartbroken. Was the last time death saw Liesel when he (?) took Hans and Rosa's bodies? Whatever. It was a great book and one day, I will steal it from Jenn... or I can just read it now.. I still don't get how Michael died. Like, what?? I can't believe everyone died! Wahhh!!!!! I wish Rudy lived. Who did Liesel marry?? Whatever, I'm just sooooo glad Max lived. It's great.

Overlook of the whole story after spoilers:
Congratulations for finishing mah long review.. ain't it great?? So, about the book. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! Like, it's really sad with all the deaths, and stuff, but still! I still wonder when Liesel and Max's family went. The thing about death being the narrator is weird. I'm not really sure why, but you know. Anyways, it's really good. This is one of the books I just have to give a spoiler for. I wish other people could read it, but oh well. They'll just have to suffer the pain of not reading this book. Too bad, bubs... I am sooo weird... Oh yeah, as you can see, because of this book, I have a best-books-ever category... JUST CAUSE OF THIS BOOK!

2nd time around: I still don't have answers, but it's still good! Like, how did Max live??? I don't remember the other ones...OMG! I JUST NOTICED! On page 421, it says Sankerl instead of Saukerl. Just an observation...

Side note: I'm sorry that I was so spazzy and messed up.

A review of my review two years later: wow. Like I said in my new profile, I was really immature and a wannabe weirdo... What was with the "soooooooooooooo" and the "bubs"? That was really messed up. I didn't realize how sad it was... But it was probably just me being immature again. Well, time to read it again! I wonder what I'll think of it after reading The Scorpio Races...
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