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The Deep by Helen Dunmore
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Aug 01, 2009

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Recommended for: fans of fairy tales and mermaids
Read in May, 2009

This third book in the "Ingo" series seems to be wearing the story a bit thin. The whole 'Kraken' plot has been done with the "Emily Windsnap" series and with the monster being a shape-shifting being who feeds on negative emotions, it makes the characters seem disrespected and slightly degraded. How is the heroine supposed to stay strong if so many depressing life-altering situations have been thrown at her since the 1st book? The sub-plot with her missing father who left the family to supposedly persue a mermaid extra-marital affair, has thickened with Sapphire finally meeting her merman half-brother, but her father & mermaid step-mother she has only seen in visions. Her bargin for entering "the deep" to seek out the kraken, in exchange for freedom of choice for her father to leave Ingo, may be fruitless since he may not want to leave. Now her mother on land & her new beau have announced they will be moving to Austrailia and want to take Sapphire & her bother Connor along. They want to stay close to Ingo, but the mer-people have announced that their kind (which could also include Sapphire as an honorary member) must cross Ingo in a rite of passage ceremony. Could this involve crossing the East Austrailian Current, the strongest and bigest of it's kind? Hopefully the next book has the answers.

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