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Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
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Sep 05, 2007

did not like it
bookshelves: overblown, shite
Recommended for: anyone who can't find his/her own ass using both hands & a flashlight.
Read in January, 2001

SPOILER ALERT! I am going to save anyone who thinks they need to read this book time & money by summarizing the entire book in the next two sentences: Things change. Learn to adapt.

You're welcome. If you still feel the need to spend money please contact me & I will tell you where to send it.
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Leeyla Ahaha, I just love your recommendation and review. I felt exactly the same reading this book. Good thing I stole it from my former employer and didn't actually pay for it...

Seizure Romero I think you should return it anyway.

Ioanna hahaha...I liked it more than you,but I found your review hilarious!!!Thanks!You made my night:)

Kamal Subhani I still cant make which of the following is greater feat
1)expanding a two sentence concept into 100 pg book or
2)compressing the 100pg book to 5 words

(n please dont undermine you achievement by saying 2 sentences cause the avg sentence contains around 15 words )

Hoping to see more 1 liner compressed version of the books from you

Seizure Romero Thanks, Kamal! I'll see what I can do.

message 6: by Shawna (new) - added it

Shawna Required reading for whiners

Poonam I liked the book, but thank you for a good laugh! :)

Kelly Thank you for the laugh, and I love your nom de plume!

message 9: by Maganda (new)

Maganda Ako Which books do u suggest?

message 10: by Titli (new)

Titli Gh Lol... dat actually made me laugh out loud. True anyway, evn though I din hate d book

message 11: by Survivors (new)

Survivors I sure miss your critiques and reviews. Hope all is well. - Ron S.

Seizure Romero Thanks, Ron. Need to make time to write more, but things are good. Hope you're well, too.

Seizure Romero @Maganda (and anyone else who cares)-- I try to suggest books that aren't didactic, obvious and self-promoting. This book is all of those things, and showed up in hardcover with a $19.95 price tag. It's 96 pages of belabored obviousness, akin to a metaphorical tale explaining how fire is hot so maybe you shouldn't stick your hand in it.

...and Goodreads: what gives? I added this book back in 2007. I did not edit my review in December 2013; I sure as hell didn't do it at 6:08am like my "Recent Updates" indicates. Whatchooplayinat?

message 14: by Janus (new)

Janus Kannuberg That is the message but for some people a story/analogy/parable helps them to 'learn to adapt'.

Ameer Alba Hahahahaha, that's brief and clear..

Dulces Sueños I liked it. If we just go by the "main idea " of every book, what is the point of reading it? Comments can be funny but there is a lot of work behind actually writing, we need to give the author(s) some credit too. :)

message 17: by يسرا (new)

يسرا hhhhhh thanks for saving my time :)

message 18: by Billy (new) - rated it 1 star

Billy Brady Best. Review. Ever.

Allison Merz Very accurate review! I agree - don't waste your time (not that it actually take a lot...)

Jiang Hong I can't believe that I read the book twice before.

message 21: by Katherine (new) - added it

Katherine haha, very funny review. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah. agree ;p

Ashley I agree with this comment. I was disappointed about the part of not getting comfortable in your position just because you have years of experience and aren't drinking the Kool Aid of new huge ideas from unknowledgable new bosses. Especially when the new idea gives you weeks more work each month and is held over your head to finish that work before taking time off that you always got off before. I realize my attitude can be viewed as entitlement but how else are we lowly mice supposed to survive if not by starting at the bottom and earning the respect of our collegues.

message 24: by Survivors (new)

Survivors Seizure Romero wrote: "@Maganda (and anyone else who cares)-- I try to suggest books that aren't didactic, obvious and self-promoting. This book is all of those things, and showed up in hardcover with a $19.95 price tag...."

Thought id reply in 2015 to keep the time rythm conistent. ;)

message 25: by Siham (new) - rated it 1 star

Siham Did I just burst out laughing on a crowded bus? Yes I did and it s all your fault.

Seizure Romero Excellent! So glad I could help.

Fatma Adel i really thank god for not buying it and just read it online

Timothy eh, yes, but... I would have completely agreed with you when I first read it, but the image of the mice in sneakers and the whole concept has lingered in my mind and kept me somewhat more aware of the importance of being ready for unexpected things to happen that destroy your clever plans for making money than I would have been otherwise.

Seizure Romero Thanks, Timothy, but you over-estimate my cleverness. No one (yet) has fallen for taken me up on my generous offer to accept their money.

Cristina agree

message 31: by Maike (new)

Maike Late on the review - should have check here before I bought it for my 19 year old - piece of corporate mind domination crap -

message 32: by Shams (new) - added it

Shams hello.
I'm trying read since from three, but I'm unable to read it...Any easy way...

message 33: by Ayat (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ayat Filimban so true. I wish I had read your comment before reading the book!

message 34: by Sami (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sami Basha You are right, BUT saying "things change, learn to adapt" is easier than done ! How to adapt, what kind of questions you need to flip around in your head!! If you are smart enough to figure that put, there are many still need some sentences to freshen them up !

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