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The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
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message 1: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro Oh man, you hate Narnia?

Kat Kennedy Yeah, I didn't think that was legal...

message 3: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro I have a Narnia tattoo, even. :(

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Well... I haven't read the whole series... it's just... THE SUSAN THING. AUGH! It makes me so... ANNOYED.

I do, however, Like that scene in the movie involving two ginormous polar bears. I'm torn when it comes to Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe as I like it, but... THE SUSAN THING!!!!

I constantly scandalized people with my weird opinions. For example, not liking the Rolling Stones as much as the Beatles.

message 5: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro NO, I UNDERSTAND. I don't think I've ever read a 'perfect' book, but I think Narnia is about as close to perfect as a book can get. But I'm notoriously overly-critical of everything I read, probably.

Anyway, you won't hear me fighting you on that point. I hate the Rolling Stones. Beatles forever.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) YAY! The Beatles rock. I just sort of lean more towards His Dark Materials a bit more even though that fellow gets so BRITISH in the third book. It's a wonder I'm not walking around with an accent, but I do keep spelling all Englishy and such because it's amusing to do that.

I'm critical about books too. Especially about OSC. Dude has been driving me up a TREE.

message 7: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro I never read His Dark Materials, though I probably should. I love Britlit, though. Actually, I love any novel that's set in a culture other than mine if the author takes the time to research and make it authentic.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Yeah, me too. I also enjoy British swearing.
And tea.

message 9: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro Oh, me too. I love calling people wankers. They're like, what is that? I also love British television. There's this show called the Misfits which is just pure awesome. Tea, though. No. Only if it's iced with lemon.

Rebecca I'm with you, Synethesia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is pretty good, but by the end of the series Lewis becomes condescending and overbearing with the Christianity. And I literally put the book down in disgust when I got to the Susan thing - and I was only 11 or 12 at the time. It's bad plotting, bad writing, and a terrible message. Ugh.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) That will drive me up a tree. Didn't he realize she was probably Traumatized for Life from losing her whole family?
Urg ><

message 12: by Cory (last edited Feb 18, 2011 08:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cory I never really took offense at the whole Susan thing. I took more offense at the Calormene? thing. In my opinion, I think His Dark Philip Pullman is more sexist and overbearing with Christianity than C.S.Lewis. I think Pullman treated Lyra way worse than Lewis treated Susan.

Of course, 25% of this is because I could never get through His Dark Materials without skimming. Shoot me for this, but liked the movie :D

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Haven't seen the movie yet. I'm boycotting most movie versions of books I like so my head doesn't blow up all over people who won't like that one bit.
It would ruin their popcorn.

I think Lyra was really strong, but a bit arrogant. Pullman said he wanted to have a strong female and a strong male and I think he did a good job with that. The world Lyra came from was super sexist, but it was full of strong women like the Witches and the Gyptian women and such.
Even Mrs. Coulter was strong in her bitchy way. Still, there's one thing poor Lyra didn't get and that's rather sad. Maybe they found a way or something.
Pullman killed her parents too, but it wasn't as if Lyra had whole siblings and at least she had to give up what she wanted for the whole universe which is of no consolation...
The whole series might not be your cup of tea though. Both writers get so ENGLISHY. Which isn't a bad thing. It just has me running around talking Englishy and spelling colour with a U because it looks better that way.

message 14: by Cory (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cory I love Englishy stuff. It adds so much awesomeness. Can anyone say The Office or Doctor Who?

I just don't appreciate the way Lyra was shoved aside for Will. I found him utterly boring and non-essential to the plot. If he was in the first book, fine I'd be ok with that. I was secretly wishing for Roger to come back to life because I enjoyed him so much more.

Mrs. Coulter is probably my second favorite character though. Somehow, I always end up rooting for the bad guys.

I guess arguing His Dark Materials to Narnia is like arguing Little Women to Anne of Green Gables. You love one or the other, but never both. Myself, I favor Anne.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) I'll have to read little Women one day because I haven't, but I love Anne of Green Gables. I'll have to read more of those books one day, but the first one makes me say AWWWWWWWWW!!!! A lot.

Will kind of was necessary to the plot. i liked Lord Asriel and his Snow leopard daemon because I love those.

message 16: by Cory (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cory Those Daemon things were pretty awesome. I didn't like Lord Asriel, but his name is cool all the same.

I just can't like Will though. He remind me too much of Finn from Glee who I can't stand.

Have you seen the PBS adaptation of Anne of Green Gables?

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Yes, I love that.

Hmmm... I never thought of him as being like Finn. I don't mind Finn, but sometime he can be a bit annoying.

Rebecca His Dark Materials was sexist? And Christian? Did I miss something?

I read that book as a very angry young feminist, fresh off a terrible experience with a high school teacher who harassed me, and I came away from the book feeling thoroughly empowered. If your argument is that Lyra lost out because she didn't end up with Will, I'd posit that it's far more sexist to say that a woman's ultimate happiness depends on being with a guy, as opposed to doing good work that makes use of her intellect. Pullman left Lyra on the verge of doing the latter. I thought it was great.

Also, it was definitely not at all overbearing in preaching a Christian message. Patently the opposite; it takes apart Christian theology piece by piece
(hence, perhaps, Will's 'boring' nature - if Eve is to be redefined as the motive force behind the world, then Adam has to take a back seat.)

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Yeah, Pullman doesn't like Christianity. I dislike many of the aspects he's not fond of.
Perhaps he came off as militantly atheist? Some folks have accused him of that.
The theme could be the sort of warped morality that makes people do cruel things in the name of a god that is probably not as cruel as the people who claim to worship him, but ones mileage does vary.

message 20: by Cory (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cory Militant Christian is the perfect word. I don't see why people have to attack something to make their point. I loved the first book, or at least I loved the first movie. So, naturally you can see my surprise when I picked up the second and third books. I think he was so busy tearing down Christianity, that he forgot to write an interesting story. He was being too preachy. I find preachyness? annoying. But this is all my opinion. And I'm not even religious. It just bothered me I guess.

Rebecca, I didn't like the way Lyra had to take a backseat to Will. Like I said, he's the everyman and I found him boring.

And it doesn't help that he insulted one of my favorite childhood authors. All the same, JKR did so as well--and she didn't even finish reading the series.

I didn't proofread, so please excuse any typoes typos I might have made.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) I can't blame her for being annoyed about the lipstick thing though.
Because URGS ><

But then again, Neil Gaiman didn't like that either. He had a squicky take on it that made me go *shiver* But he does that sometimes.
I want someone to buy me the absolute Sandman or for me to buy it.

message 22: by Cory (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cory I just researched the Problem With Susan. Squicky indeed.

I guess I just don't see Narnia as sexist. Maybe racist, but not really sexist. Death Note and Naruto are more sexist than me.

Btw, is Sandman really good? Have you read any of Gaiman's other books? Which would you start with?

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) Sandman is effing brilliant. A bit violent and disturbing though. I'd start with either that or the light-hearted Stardust as American Gods might be too dense and intense and it needs annotations simply because I love annotations. Its sort of sequel is a lot lighter, Ananzi's boys. You can't go wrong with Coraline or the Graveyard book that are more for children, but still worth reading for everyone.
You just got to love the dry British Wit of Neil Gaiman. I also like Neverwhere too.

I have only started reading Naruto...

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