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Zodiac by Neal Stephenson
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May 23, 09

Zodiac showcases all of Neal Stephenson's strengths and weaknesses pretty effectively. The charismatic but grungy anti-establishment protagonist saves Boston from dioxin poisoning from an evil corporate machine: an eco-thriller, according to the blurb on the front. It's really good; it's cleverly written, exciting, full of scientific jargon that the average layman reading the book can get a pretty good grasp of. It is wonderful, right up to the climax -- and then the book's over. There are barely three pages of denouement. Three pages. Not enough, Mr. Stephenson! I need proper closure for my novels, not "and then this happened, and then this happened, and then somehow it turned out okay and i don't think i'm going to jail but at least i'm not dead."

I don't like it.

But up 'til that point, the novel is fantastic and I think everyone should read it.

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