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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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May 13, 2010

really liked it

The book is well-written, but in some areas it is poorly researched and argued. The biggest problem with the book is Dawkins' failure to grapple with sophisticated issues in the philosophy of religion. When he attempts to refute the arguments for the existence of God, he spends all of three pages explaining and responding to some arguments he attributes to Thomas Aquinas. He spends a bit more time on Anselm's ontological argument, though he does not treat it seriously at all, and mostly derides it childishly. In taking this route, Dawkins simply by-passes many of the arguments for the existence of God that are popular among philosophers today. Furthermore, Dawkins' own argument for the non-existence of God is fatally flawed. For a more thorough discussion of these problems, see William Lane Craig's treatment of both issues: and

NOTE: You might have to create a free account and log into it in order to see the articles. The material from the first article is available in the first chapter of "God is Great, God is Good," and the material in the second article is available in the first chapter of "Contending With Christianity's Critics," both co-edited by Craig.

Other than that failing, I think Dawkins' book is pretty good and worth reading. Daniel Dennett's "Breaking the Spell," I think, is a better book--though it covers a lot of different material, so a comparison is hard to make. Probably my favorite New Atheist book is Sam Harris' "The End of Faith."

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