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Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin
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This whole is series is maturing and becoming one addictive ride.

Jaz hooks up with her brother to find a mole...but what happens when your past, that you're slowly trying to come to peace with, comes and slaps you in the face? What do you do when the closest people to you become the enemy?

There is a maturation of Jaz in this book, an awakening of different powers and a reason why she just can't leave Hell behind. Her relationship with Vayl is also questioned and she must find it in herself to bury her dead and help her boss/lover/partner/friend in coming to terms with his own dead.

Great subplot with Cassandra and David (although it's a mite heavy handed) and Cole is as entertaining as usual.

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Quotes CJ -Doctor can you help me, 'cause somethin' don't feel right Liked

Jennifer Rardin
“He stepped colser. Looked deep into my eyes. Hesitated a millisecond, and then dove in. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Oh. No.


"I know how you feel. About me. About him. I just wanted you to know-we could be good together. We could have a life. Kids. Vacations. On Sunday mornings I could serve you breakfast in bed."

He gave me his I-know-you-find-me-irrestible grin. "And then I could make you something to eat.”
Jennifer Rardin, Biting the Bullet

Jennifer Rardin
“So... you're an assassin?" Dave asked incredulously.

"Why do I feel like you'd have used the same tone if I'd just confessed to being a stripper?" I demanded.

"Sorry," he said quickly. "I'm just surprised, is all.”
Jennifer Rardin, Biting the Bullet
tags: humor

Jennifer Rardin
“communication is such a two-edged sword for guys. On the one hand, they almost always mean what they say. Refreshing, I know. On the other hand, getting them to actually say it can be like coaxing a corpse to tap-dance. Not that it can't be done. But it's so freaking exhausting. Not to mention the cost in heavyweight fishing line and Savion Glover videos.”
Jennifer Rardin, Biting the Bullet

Jennifer Rardin
“We went to the door and I let Asha in. I expected an uberawkward moment when he and Vayl met. But Asha took care of that problem right away. "So you belong to Jasmine," he said in his melancholy voice. It somehow delivered Vayl his deepest condolences without bearing a trace of malice toward me.”
Jennifer Rardin, Biting the Bullet

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