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Methuselah's Children by Robert A. Heinlein
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May 24, 09

Read in October, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Plot Summary:
- Starts with the Howard families being called together.
- They acknowledge that their existence is known on earth, and the entire world demands to share the "secret" of eternal youth.
- Lazarus Long emerges as the mastermind behind the plan to evacuate the Howard families from earth.
- in meantime, Earth figured out secret to old age by itself-Trip back to Earth seems too trite: Howards exchange space drive (enables extra-solar colonization) for rights to repatriate their old property. Begs question: wouldn't Earth still be bitter from Howards secrecy + escape? With exploding population, wouldn't they have tried harder to colonize space?

- Liked the level-headed President, Slayton Ford, liked his later role with the families, but thought his encounter with the jinkara couldn't plausibly have made him go mad
- Cowboy nature of Lazarus is kind of endearing- 2nd Earth-like planet seems cool, Little People culture is unique
-Found RAH's Minutes of public meetings rather odious, Robert's Rules + all
-on whole, liked it for Juvenile appeal


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