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Real by Katy Evans
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Awesome read! I want Remy as a book boyfriend for lots of reasons, and Mr. Remington Tate was BY FAR my favorite character in this book, beyond the obvious boxer hotness!

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When trying to find a "Remy" photo, I could have gone with some hunk of sweaty boxer hotness, but that isn't the way I saw Remy in the big picture. This pic, standing alone with the bag, speaks to the issue that comes out about Remy in the book. Having a child that lives with the same disorder, I could relate to how Remy feels...alone, the high highs and the low lows, restless sleep, at times unloved or undeserving of love, angry, different, and I could go on. As he started talking about it, he touched me on a whole other level, and while some of his "rages" we're dramatized for book purposes, the waves of emotions he goes through, his whole attitude towards life, I know what it's like to walk in his shoes. I love that this semi-broken character Brooke, not only tries to move on in her life from what she lost out on, but she accepts him...for all that he is, for the good and bad, and she wants him no matter what. That touched my heart completely because it's not only hard to be the one living with this disorder, but it's just as hard being the person or support system that love them completely. Instead of giving details or quoting things from the book, I'll just say I loved it, and it'll go on my re-read shelf for sure.

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I have NEVER felt more breathless with lust and sexual tension reading a book then I did with this one. Holy crap, my chest was burning, I needed a drink and the anticipation could have been sliced with a knife! That is the sign of brilliant writing!

As a side note, and certainly not anything negative...I find that when you read books that have sensitive subject matter like abuse, rape, illness, mental illness, ect...it's always good to put reference somehow, maybe at the end of the book. Websites, hotline numbers, ect...and this is only in my opinion. As an advocate for my son with the same disorder as Remy, I believe knowledge is power, and it can NEVER hurt to give references for getting help. It does tend to reach people. :)
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67.0% "Cheese and Rice, Remy is an effin' beast...and I want to climb in his lap and make his life easier. I had a feeling that was what his issue was :(" 2 comments

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