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Blues for Mister Charlie by James     Baldwin
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May 15, 2009

it was amazing

Malik Cooper
English Period 3
Banned Books Essay

Books that are banned from schools are books that are looked at by parents that complain about things that some of them have probably did. They are just too afraid to sit down with the child and talk to them about the different things in the world. So the child goes and gets books to read and learn on their own. If all the books get banned and we have parents afraid to sit down and talk about sex, drugs, and violence how will we learn? You can experience sex, drugs, and violence but all three can kill you. Lessons can be learned from the banned books but parents don’t want their children exposed to the content of these supposedly banned books. All the content in the banned books can be learned from. Maybe instead of banning the books maybe a reasonable age limit could be put on the books. I personally think the after the fifth grade you should be able to read any book you want no matter what the content of the book. If the world can’t be banned then books shouldn’t be banned.

Most of the banned books taught us something that a lot of parents are afraid to talk about with their children about. A lot of the banned books have to deal with situations or experiences people go through everyday. With most of these banned books children can learn from the experiences like the book Go Ask Alice. That book could teach many young people about what can happen to your life if those same choices as Alice are made, but Alice mistakes could have all been avoided and reading this book can teach any how they could early before they are faced with these situations. Another book banned that should have not been was “And still I Rise”. A book not based on sexual or violent content but it was in favor of women’s rights and black people wrote it.

A lot of books banned had sex, violence, drugs, and too much religion in the book. Sometimes people thought the book questioned the existence of God or they didn’t want a community to gain confidence because of that book. Content in all banned books must be accepted because whatever is in these books is nothing new to the world, so everything that happens in those books happens in the world we live in today. These books shouldn’t be banned because it teaches young people that the world is hard place and it isn’t paradise. Go Ask Alice was a true story with true events that happened to that girl that’s her fault and her decision but it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s. People make choices that will decide their future so the people who want books banned have to suck it up and live with the fact they can’t keep their little baby unexposed from this crazy world. If books with sex, drugs, and violence are banned then why don’t people fight to ban the world? No one seems to care about what happens to the world and the people of the world but they take a lot of time just to have these books banned.

Instead of banning the books maybe a reasonable age limit should be put on the books in school if that’s more comfortable for parents. Elementary school won’t really matter because they don’t really understand, those little kids think they do but they don’t. Middle school is when I think any young male or female should be able to read whatever they want to read because they are growing and they need to know what goes on in the world and now is the time. After that schools should be able to put whatever they want in schools because 9th grade it’s time to grow up.

Books shouldn’t be banned. It would make no sense to ban books when it all goes on in our world. The parents that complain the most are the ones that probably made some of those mistakes in their past. Books shouldn’t be banned they just should have a solution to all of their complaints so they won’t have anything to complain. The school district of Philadelphia needs to allow all high schools to read any books the English teacher wants them to read
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message 1: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay T Malik Cooper? Bravo Young Man..Bravo! Don't ever stop talking and standing up for what you believe in.

Great Job!

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