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Left Side of the Moon by Sophia Titheniel
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May 15, 2009

Read in December, 2008

First of all about this ebook it's the nice surprise that it's quite long for a Changeling Press' typical book lenght, 62 pages but small type. Second surprise: it's a very strong but very erotic book, not romance, not dancing around, but full and graphic detail sex.

Lachlan is a futuristic Pony Express in an apocalyptic United States. In this world, some places are safer than other: Washington is among the not safe and Lachlan should pass as fast as he can. And instead he stops, not only he enters a downtown pub that it's all than safe and as soon as he enters the place, he is challenged. But the type of war they make there is not the type he is used: they dance! Dance war to challenge each other and determine who is the best. Adair, the leader of one of the gang, is not out typical dancer: he is strong and very handsome, a man who probably could fight also with his fists other than with his legs on a stage.

And when Lachlan questions Adair's skill outside the pub, he asks for an almost rape scene; they have sex rough and fast, Lachlan surrenders all he has to Adair, begging for more. And when Adair sends him away after his best ever sexual experience, Lachlan comes back to ask more and more. There is no romance, there aren't nice words, Adair is a strong alpha and Lachlan is a begging omega, without any intention to question who has the upper hand in their sexual relationship... in private life I don't know, since Adair and Lachlan seem to always being in bed when they are together.

All in all the story surprise me, for its forceful sex, but also for the characters that are not at all as you can expect: Lachlan manages to remain a strong character despite being a "beggar" in bed, and Adair is a total top despite his dancing fight skill... yes, I know, I'm influenced by my culture, I know that if a man begs in bed or can dance it's not said that he should be a bottom, but for me this means that the author was able to go outside the usual boundaries.

Side note: despite the cover and Adair being a werewolf, there is not any hint on sex in shift form.


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