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Hunter's Run by George R.R. Martin
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May 14, 09

it was ok
bookshelves: science-fiction-and-fantasy
Read in May, 2009

Uninspiring shovelware. For starters the protagonist is an anti-hero, which never works particularly well for me: I'd rather be inspired by a character who is better (smarter, braver, more ethical...) than I am than examine the twisted psyche of an uneducated criminal.

Then the larger picture seems like it might be intriguing... but it is never fully revealed or explained clearly because the POV is limited to the brutish main character.

Lastly the authors make the classic mistake of thinking that if they come up with lots of outlandish names for things (plants, trees, animals, species, concepts) then they have created an alien world: they don't seem to realize that if a small furry animal acts just like a squirrel, a tall, hollow-stemmed plant has characteristics identical with bamboo, and an ostensibly untranslatable concept can basically be boiled down to "illogical" then it doesn't matter what you call each of them... we won't be gripped by a sense of wonder and novelty that is the essence of good world-building. Since Martin, at least, has demonstrated elsewhere that he can create genuinely interesting alien worlds, this is laziness... which is why I call this shovelware.

It isn't all bad, of course ( for example, the plot is well thought out), but overall it isn't worth the money to buy the book nor the time to read it.

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