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The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan
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May 13, 2009

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Read in April, 2005

Sometimes we share common experiences as well as interests with people and don't even know it. In The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan, David explains this theory throughout this book filled with monologues in poem form. Each poem describes a a short snippet of twenty teens lives who all go to the same high school.The funny part about this book is that all of the characters stories in the book interconnect with each other. The twenty teens in monologues do not realize that they share similar experiences and fears. Also, David Levithan allows you to make connections with the characters. This unique book allows you to experience a new form of writing as well as a interesting look on the issues that commonly affect teens. The way David writes is expressive and you feel as though you are in the characters shoes.

Themes rage from love, friendship, happiness, and even loss. A monologue in the book called "Gospel" is about this girl named Gail who shares her gospel songs with the quiet boy named Anton. Another story called "The Patron Saint of Stoners" is also very heart wrenching and it is about this girl who has to buy drugs for her sick mother. The monologues range from topics that are of serious matters to topics that are just hilarious. When you read half way through the book you notice how the characters and the story line flow with each other.

This book was very interesting to me because it was not just focused on one topic. The multiple story lines allowed me to stay interested in the book all the way through. I was also able to relate with some of the topics in the book because it had to do with high school. The characters were also lively and each one of the twenty high schoolers had a unique personality of their own.

I would definitely recommend The Realm of Possibility to anyone who is looking for a different read. The poem styled book is sure to have you step out of your normal reading comfort zone. David Levithan explains the topic of the "Realm of Possibility" as doing so many things that were once impossible to us. The level of thinking used to create this book is definitely evident, and this book has you thinking about life lessons in general. Expand your horizons and read this book, it's worth it!!!!!!


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