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Freeman by Leonard Pitts Jr.
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Mar 12, 2013

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Cindy's Review : 3 stars

Freeman is a historical fiction novel taking place immediately after the confederate surrender and the assassination of President Lincoln. Alot has been written about this precarious period,a time of great promise and also great fear for newly freed black slaves.
The author tells the tale of Sam, a former runaway slave, who is searching for his wife Tilda. He left her behind 15 years earlier in his quest for freedom.
Tilda, although now a freed slave, is being forced by her former master to accompany him to a place where it is still acceptable to keep slaves. She is unable to break free of him, physically and emotionally.
Prudence, a wealthy white northern woman, sets out to establish a school for former slaves. Although a noble quest, her actions bring about the most heartbreak in the book.
The best part of the book was reading how these lives intersect, and the perspective each brings to the issue of slavery. This book attempts to reveal the tragedy of slavery, while telling a story of love, loss and betrayal through the three major characters. I found the alternating between serious historical fiction and romance novel disturbing to read.
This is truly a dark time in American history, and it is always hard to read about the cruelty inflicted on the black population. Although 150 years have passed since 1865, it is no wonder the effects of slavery are still among us.

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