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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
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May 11, 09

Read in May, 2009

This book is lightweight, derivative crap, written in the style of a self-hating self-help guru with blame the victim issues eighteen ways from Sunday. I tore out the two good pages, one of which was a quotation from W.H. Murray and the other of which quoted King Leonidas, and burned the book in the fireplace. That's how angry it made me. Horrible waste of paper and time.

Really, you want more details? Okay. The author personifies Resistance and then writes a tiny little snippet about it, one per page, stretching a teaspoonful of insight out for seventy pages or so. Sure, we come up against resistance in every area of our lives. This isn't news to anyone. But the ways he personifies it contradict each other, or simply don't make any sense, or come across as pure page-filling psychobabble.

Worst of all, he manages to blame the reader for everything. You feel resistance because it's easier! If you don't feel it, you're going the wrong way! If you don't feel it, you're making a step down in life. Sex is resistance! Food is resistance! Exercise is resistance! Everything good is resistance! Unless it isn't!

Save yourself some pain and brain cells and avoid this book. It's condescending incoherent nonsense argued on the level of a Sunday school comic strip. I wish I could give it less than one star.
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message 1: by Marshall (new)

Marshall Tell us how you really feel.... lol.

message 2: by JK (new) - rated it 5 stars

JK Riki But the truth is the reader IS to blame. It's harsh and painful, but true. That's the beauty of this book, it doesn't lie to you like the World will by saying "Nothing is your fault, if things were different you'd get things done!" WE get in our own way. Then we blame everything we can. This book calls out that BS, and does not baby the artist reading. It's brash and pulls no punches. Of course, as a result, it won't be for everyone. :)

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