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Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey
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Jul 08, 13

Read in June, 2009

I've reviewed "Total Truth" before, so I don't think I'll review it again except to say that a subtitle could be "The decline of the evangelical mind," a phrase the author uses. Keep in mind, though, that her purpose is not to tear down evangelical Christianity but to bolster it.


"In Minnesota, teachers are instructed to be tolerant of 'multiple mathematical worldviews.'"
(Where were those teachers when I took math?)

"When the only form of cultural commentary Christians offer is moral condemnation, no wonder we come across to nonbelievers as angry and scolding."

"We need to begin our message where the Bible begins -- with the dignity and high calling of all human beings because they are created in the image of God."

"After half a century of bombarding fruit flies with radiation, scientists have not coaxed them into becoming a new kind of insect -- or even a new and improved fruit fly. None of the mutated forms fly as well as the original form, and probably would not survive in the wild."

"If a principle is false, then restating it in the vernacular does not make it true."

"Both sides of the evolution debate agree that, taken at face value, living things look for all the world as though they are designed."

"The notion that we are free to act in un-Darwinian ways is completely irrational within the Darwinian worldview."

"In every historical period, the religious groups that grow most rapidly are those that set believers at odds with the surrounding culture. As a general principle, the higher a group's tension with mainstream society, the higher its growth rate."

"(David) Hume himself said that, after reasoning his way to radical skepticism in the solitude of his study, he would clear his mind by playing a good game of backgammon with his friends."

"When did it become socially acceptable for a Christian man to admit that he is incompetent as a father?"

"The truth is that men will be drawn back into family life only when they are convinced that being a good husband and father is a manly thing to do; that parental duty and sacrifice are masculine virtues; that marital love and fidelity are not female standards imposed upon men externally, but an integral part of the male character -- something inherent and original, created by God."
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John No shame at all. But I think you would like it. It's a good book to read slowly, absorbing one paragraph at a time. I read some parts of it too quickly, which is one reason I want to read it again.

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