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Instant Gratification by Jill Shalvis
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Jul 31, 2009

really liked it
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Read in July, 2009

So the guy on the cover looks like he is saying, “Come here, baby, I’ve got a secret”. It took me a while to block him out of my head and replace him with my mental image of the hero. The guy on the cover of the first in this series, Instant Gratification, looked angry and constipated. I don’t know what they are going for, but it’s not working for me. However, cover model exasperation aside, this is a good series!

Stone is my favorite Beta man. Ahhh, Stone, that is one of the sexiest hero names I’ve come across in awhile. He’s the middle brother of three that run a wilderness adventure lodge. He’s the organized brother. He keeps everything running smoothly. However, recently he’s realizing this isn’t enough for him. His true passion is remodeling and flipping real-estate. He keeps this to himself (of course), because he’s got to run the family business.

Emma is a NYC doctor that has come to the small town in the Sierras to run her doctor fathers’ clinic while he recuperates from a heart attack. She is very trying on This Reader’s patience. She’s a classic Ice Queen. She is all business and quite honestly a mean bitch. Stone describes early on as Dr. Evil. I’d agree with him. She hates being in the small town, she resents her father for her having to come here, she’s pissed at herself because she is attracted to Stone and he is not her type. For some reason Stone likes her and tries to get her to loosen up and this is not an easy task. Emma tries to keep herself closed off because she practically has one foot out the door. She’s antsy to get back to her life. More than once, after they have some kind of intimacy, she gets up, and dresses and stomps off and leaves him because she can’t handle feelings. I was thinking she’s like the female version of that Alpha that I don’t really like, but the woman always softens him up. In this one Stone does attempts the softening.

Will Stone realize his dream of remodeling old buildings? Will Emma stay? Will Stone leave with her? Will she flat out dump him? You’ve got to read it to see. I really like Ms. Shalvis' humor and I can't wait for the third book!
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7.94% "She was a blue-eyed auburn haired beauty who looked like Barbie's mean sister. Dr. Barbie."
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message 1: by Auntee (new) - added it

Auntee Great review Kim! This sounds pretty good even though I hate a heroine with an "attitude". I guess if Stone is good as you say, it's worth the read, huh?:)

Miss Kim You'd like him, Auntee. Its a quick read.
She's ok I guess--I just got tired of her. I just don't get what drew him to her after all of her bitchiness.

Shawna Nice review, Kim! Looks we we felt the exact same way about this one! The hero totally made this one worth reading. I can't wait for TJ's story next!

Miss Kim It looks like TJ is going to get back with that masculine tow truck driver. I don't know how I feel about that.

message 5: by Tammy (new)

Tammy The guy on the cover of the first in this series, Instant Gratification, looked angry and constipated.

So this one doesn't make the "I'm a cover ho" shelf?

message 6: by Barbara (last edited Aug 04, 2009 07:46PM) (new)

Barbara Kim say's he "looked angry and constipated"


There must not be many women(or any with good taste) in these cover depts.

Miss Kim Tammy wrote: "The guy on the cover of the first in this series, Instant Gratification, looked angry and constipated.

So this one doesn't make the "I'm a cover ho" shelf? "

Definatly not MY 'cover ho shelf'. LOL!

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