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Evernight by Claudia Gray
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Nov 20, 14

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bookshelves: romantic, supernatural, teen

It's hard to write a review of this book without spoilers since so much of the things that could be praised or criticized have to do with surprises. Some other reviewers have gotten away with revealing certain things so I hope I can, too. Overall, I felt like there were some great ideas that I wish had been executed differently--too much felt contrived or unbelievable within the established mythology. I have no problem with Bianca turning out to be an unreliable narrator (she knew she was a vampire at a school for vampires and just wasn't telling us), nor do I have a problem with her feeling like she doesn't fit in with the other vampires since she's not a fully fledged member of their society yet. What I didn't buy: that she wanted to get away from the school because she's "shy" or that many-hundred-years-old vampires would consent to live with curfews and trig tests in the first place. There were other consistencies, but I don't want this to turn into a list of complaints. However, I can't avoid the ubiquitous Twilight reference. What they have in common: Instant, eternal luuuuurve between the most beautiful boy in all the land and an erstwhile wallflower. How they're different: The girl is the vampire. What they have in common: She still has to be rescued by the guy! I'm always most annoyed with books that *could* have been so great and this is one of them. You've got the question of whether all vampires should be hunted and killed because some of them are evil (just like some humans are evil) even though others are perfectly nice and only kill people who are about to die anyway (!) and it's only relatively briefly alluded to. Maybe this will be explored in later books, but it's frustrating to have it sitting there and not really dealt with. Yes, I'll give it to teens who need a vampire fix, but I won't booktalk it or read the sequels.

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