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Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman
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May 10, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** This was a self-indulgent purchase--I've not read a Star Trek: the Next Generation novel since high school, but I'd heard there were strong Picard/Crusher elements in this one, and I had to check it out myself, because this was the first TV show and the first "couple" on a TV show that I fell in love with.

To that end, it did not disappoint, and the angst . . . oh, the delicious angst was wonderful.

When compared to other media tie in books (e.g., Buffy and BSG where often the fanfiction is better), it was excellent. The author knew the canon, and it showed in the writing.

What I could've done without was quite as much of the politicking surrounding the Romulans. I often skimmed over most of the intricacies and intrigue there surrounding their internal struggles, and don't feel I missed much.

I was also somewhat disappointed in the ending. [spoilers start here:] We got a lot of Beverly Crusher's internal thought process throughout the book, but from the moment Picard confesses his love to her, she's silenced and we get nothing but her incongruous external reactions.

Then later, she decides to "give love a chance," and come back to the Enterprise but we get nothing leading up to that decision. That I can understand a bit, because it sets up the element of surprise, but I would've liked a little bit more than the external confession of fear (that she overcame) following the confession of love. It felt a little flat. [/spoilers:]

All in all not too shabby and it makes me glad I decided to give the books from my first fandom a try again.

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