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Song of Susannah by Stephen King
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Aug 28, 09

"Song of Susannah" continues the Dark Tower series, picking up more or less the moment "Wolves of the Calla" ends. Susannah escapes into modern day New York to have her baby - whatever it is - and the rest of the ka-tet follow. This is not my favorite of the Dark Tower books, since the story is strongest when the ka-tet is together, and this book splits Eddie and Roland away from Jake and Father Callahan, and from Susannah. Still, there are wonderful dramatic sequences with the split ka-tet, and it is especially fascinating to see how the characters interact with a modern day world. Eddie grew up in New York yet is now as much a stranger there as Roland, since he has matured from a dazed and lazy junkie to a ruthless young warrior. Jake has gone from a polite schoolboy to a fully-adult gunslinger, and it is comic to see his rage at being regarded once more as a kid. Several minor characters also leap off the page, particularly the novel-obsessed book-dealer. This book stops on its relentless march towards the Dark Tower to observe how the gunslingers have grown and changed, and that's no bad thing. There are strong hints that not all of them will make it till the end.

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