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Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman
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May 06, 09

it was amazing
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Read in May, 2009

If you were brought up Christian and have questions about the Bitle - how it came to be in its current form, how reliable the actual texts are, if it is the inviolate , Divinely Inspired word of God - then this book is a must read. My mother told me that the people who wrote the Bible were "Holy men" who did not make any mistakes because God did not allow it. I made a mental note to research this further when I was older, and this book has been a completely satisfying answer to all of the questions I had.

The author did a tremendous amount of research and will bring you up to speed on the current thinking on which Biblical texts and translations are considered to be the most accurate, which are suspicious, and why. Techniques used to analyze texts are explained, and it becomes clear very quickly that the Bible should not be taken too literally.

Here's a list of discussions I found simply fascinating in the book:
--were there other Gospels that were not included in the Bible?
--were there other acts of the Apostles that were not included in the Bible?
--were there other Apocalypses that were not included in the Bible?
--were there polytheistic Christian groups
--did early Christians assume everyone in the congregation was equal (no priests or popes etc.)?
--is there evidence that early Christians assumed women were completely equal?
--do we have any of the original manuscripts the Bible is based upon?
--is there good evidence that the manuscripts the Bible is based upon have been miscopied, including misspellings, words changed by accident or design, or entire phrases omitted?
--was the story about the men who approached Jesus wanting to stone the woman who was caught in the act of adultery originally in the Gospel of John?
--was the passage in Mark dealing with speaking in tongues and handling snakes included original Gospel of Mark?
--is there any question about what Christ said and did the night before being seized, what he prayed, how he acted?
--how many different versions of the New Testament were there? e.g. Latin Vulgate, Greek Bible...
--did Jesus grow angry with a leper he healed?
--did Jesus actually speak with the other people curcified next to him?
--does the Bible actually claim that Jesus Christ is God?

I guess that's enough for now, I consider this book to be a monumental work and outstanding in its field, I will definitely read other books by this author.
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Kenny Bell PLEASE READ* Does Bart Erhman provide the resources or evidence to where he claims "We don't have the original bible" and "we dont know who wrote the bible"? He just says this thing without pointing readers where to look this up. And it was also weird to me that if we dont have the original bible then what did they use to translate to English?

Mike S Did you read the book?

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