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Dec 06, 2009

it was amazing
Read in December, 2009 , read count: 1

I really enjoy Dan Brown's stories. I have read Angels and Demon and The Da Vinci Code, I am currently reading Deception Point and plan on reading Digitial Fortress. I absolutely love his story telling. I have read mixed reviews and I think the negative reviews are just really people who are too serious in life. For goodness sake it is a book for entertainment, not a non-fiction story. Though I have read some non-fiction stories that are more fiction then Dan Brown's book. Brown's books are entertaining and make you look at thing in different ways which is good. Everytime I pick up Brown's book, I am totally immersed in the story and at the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. I can't wait until the next book.

It took me a bit longer to finish this book then I expected, but I am so glad that I read it. Again, Dan Brown delivers a thought provoking story in his unique style. I know others really dislike Brown's style of writing saying that it follows a formula of the ultra dramatic and the never ending cliff hanger chapters, but I just don't tire of that at all. A great thrilling read. I can't wait to read the next Dan Brown book!
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message 1: by Alan (new)

Alan Vaca So far angels and demons ranks highest among Dan's books. Worst? Its Digital Fortress, its among the worst novels I've ever read, wont even rate 1 star.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

i agree. people take it to seriosly, i mean come on, just try to enjoy the book

Natali I kept asking myself if I was taking it too seriously when I read this. I don't mean to be a literature snob but I wish he could be a bit more creative. Can't wait to see what you think, Anna!

Feodora I just have done half of the book. Although there is nothing special new the plot is good.
As I am a non-native I dont see those mistakes in grammer or so.
I liked Angels&Deamons and DaVinciCode was my first Dan Brown. Deception Point and Digital Forstress where ok but nothing compared to the other ones.

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Schacher I'm not a snob and I enjoyed the other Dan Brown books, but this book needs an editing make over. The second half moves better than the first half, a lot of information is repeated multiple times, some descriptions are downright wrong considering the perspective, and much of the story is sloppy. Ultimately, I like the philosophy, but dislike the writing. I found the story dragged often in trying to find a footing. Unlike the other two Langdon books that moved with a fast pace, this one moved in spurts. I would still recommend reading it if you like his books, but expect to be frustrated along the way.

message 6: by Roy (last edited Oct 06, 2009 06:42AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Roy Hull I enjoyed the Da Vinci code and angels & demons. Almost finished the Lost Symbol and have not enjoyed it as much. I am actually looking forward to finishing it and moving on, I just hope it has a half decent ending.

I do agree with Anna in that people sometimes look down on these type of books but if you enjoy it then why should you not read it.

Veena I loved Angels and daemons, and liked Da Vinci Code! But Deception Point was difficult. It took a lot of time to get in!
The only thing of who was behind all of it took me by surprise!

I hope you are liking it!

message 8: by Roy (new) - rated it 1 star

Roy Hull Just finished the book and don't want to knoCK people ejoying it but after enjoying DaVinci code and Angels and Demons this book was not for me.

Not going to spoil it for anyone. So I will leave it at that.

Nikki Wait, what? I'm too serious in life because I take books seriously? I'd be a little worried if I didn't take books seriously, given how important I think they are, and the fact that I'm doing a degree in English Literature, and plan to be a writer myself...

It irks me too, though, when people disparage other people for reading books like The Lost Symbol. The writing is, honestly, seriously bad. But if you can ignore that and enjoy it anyway, more power to you. At least you're reading something.

message 10: by Hollis (new)

Hollis ''At least you're reading something''

That's how I console myself when I see someone on the bus reading JK Rowling/Dan Brown/Stephenie Meyer.

David Gamari I'm with you Anna. This was a fun book to read, and difficult to put down. This is only the second Dan Brown book I've read (The Da Vinci Code was the first), so this probably does not qualify as a pattern yet. Nevertheless, The Lost Symbol appears to follow the same formula, starting with a a macabre scene which kicks the whole novel off. From there the characters unfold in similar fashion, with a good deal of historical and mystical information building to a crescendo by the end. I hope Dan doesn't get in to a rut.

Again, it was a fun read, and I like his storytelling. I'll probably pick up the next Dan Brown book just to see what he'll come up with next.

message 12: by Adam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Johnston I have to agree with Anna that quote, "I have read mixed reviews and I think the negative reviews are just really people who are too serious in life. For goodness sake it is a book for entertainment, not a non-fiction story." However, I would like to add more to it.
I would like to stress to all those people out there that find the Dan Brown books offensive/inaccurate/evil: LOOK ON THE BACK OF THE BOOKS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Most of the copies of his books I have seen say right on the back that they are "Fiction". So, come on people! Don't take these books as offensive or evil just because of the content matter when it is purely for entertainment value and not for factual/educational value on the topics inside. The same goes for J. K. Rowling's and Stephenie Meyer's books. They are purely for the entertainment of the readers and the content within is fictional. There is a BIG, BIG difference between fiction/fantasy and evil and thus are not the same.

message 13: by Nikki (new) - rated it 1 star

Nikki ...Fiction can't be offensive, Adam? Seriously?

message 14: by Adam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Johnston Well, maybe it can, but you shouldn't let something offend you when it is purely fantastical material written for entertainment value.

message 15: by Nikki (new) - rated it 1 star

Nikki Why not? If I read [random bestseller #34764:] and it features stereotypical dyke-y lesbians and condones homophobia, I shouldn't be offended by that? Your statement is far too sweeping. Fiction often encapsulates the attitudes of the author, the time period, etc. People absorb things from fiction without even knowing they're doing it. Plenty of fiction is and should be found offensive because it has some really offensive ideas buried in it, where some people might not even notice.

message 16: by Adam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Johnston I see your point. However, if someone found every bit of fiction offensive just because they contain things that might be offensive to them, they should not call it evil just because of the fact that it offends them. "It's evil," or "it's offensive" seem to be the catalysts for people ruining things for people who enjoy things purely for their entertainment value. What I am merely trying to say is that people (all people) have the right to beliefs that they do, but they shouldn't pre-judge. Most of the people out there that are on the side of "Harry Potter is evil" have never even given the books a chance. I would like to say that I am sorry if my comments are offensive to anyone, they are merely my opinion and should not be taken in the wrong way. I meant no harm. I am a firm believer in equal rights for people to be able to believe what they will believe.

message 17: by Nikki (new) - rated it 1 star

Nikki I can see what you mean, to an extent. People look for offence where none is intended. At the same time, sometimes offensive stuff is there and most people just don't see it. (I remember being in an argument recently over whether something was rape or not. I think so, because it was done to me and I know how it messed me up; the author and other readers disagreed because 'it happens to everyone'.) Also, things that are offensive can be portrayed without being condoned, which some people don't understand.

Sridhar Babu Thank you very much Anna, for giving 5 "lost Symbol", for me this is not only a fiction..a painful and breathtaking analysis of capitol building, George washington,Freemasons,etc.,after reading this novel I browsed a lot about washington monument, washington's apothesis, on what background capitol building was built? etc.,dan brown rocks...I agree with you Anna...

message 19: by Hollis (new)

Hollis Breath-takingly crass, that is.

Sridhar Babu Thank you Hollis..Dan Brown is not an ordinary novelist, who writes about pssychopathic serial killers, or about ghosts dancing in the haunted,abandoned buildings..and placing his books, in so called "best sellers"list. He is a phenomenon, and all his books falls in the category of "an experience with truth" with anagrams,riddles, and interesting characters. along with the story, he shares with the readers all the places of interest, the characters are living. like Westminister Abbey in Da vinci code, Vatican city and the process of electing a new Pope in Angeles and Demons, and of course all the facts about Washiington D.C. in Lost Symbol. Please don't forget, he can write hi-fi stories too...please try his "deception point" you will feel as if you are travelling Artic zone. Read his "digital fortess" you will come to know all the computer updates...I being an Indian kindly request Dan Brown, to bring Robert Langdon to India...coz India is a country full of Temples. templers, Pagon Gods, mythical mountains,etc..I feel proud of Dan Brown...I feel proud to say I am his die-hard fan, he is a fit candidate for the post of President of America............

Sridhar Babu Dear readers, whoever following Anna's reviews, I gonna give recommandations for 3 great books I 've read...
1.Salman rushde's SATANIC VERSES..this book is banned in India...somehow, I got this book... locked my self in my bedroom...and read this book asif there is no wife..knocked the bed room no response...and came to a conclusion that I committed suicide,and began breaking the door. Such an extra-ordinary and unputdownable novel.Please try this.

2.Val mecdermed's A PLACE OF EXECUTION..and 3.JOHN SAUL's UNLOVED....readers..try these fictions

message 22: by Hollis (last edited Jan 22, 2010 11:35AM) (new)

Hollis To me, Dan Brown's books read like cheap, excruciatingly badly written thrillers with some random facts and some nonsensical conspiracy theories thrown in. Each to his own, I suppose.

''Dan Brown is not an ordinary novelist'.

I'm sorry, but that's just not true. Dan Brown is the most ordinary novelist in the world: that's why people like his books so much. And before anyone asks: no, I don't have anything against thrillers, no, I don't have anything against popular writers,no, I'm not a snob althoug I think the claims that people make about this book are extraordinary, no, I don't have anything against hilariously misguided theories about the history of art, although I think there is a problem when a writer starts making inflated (deliberately, to get publicity, of course) claims about the factual content of their pot-boilers. Unfortunately, I think the idea that Dan Brown should be President of the USA is probably taken seriously by many people in the world.

Sridhar Babu Thank you Hollis...Dan Brown as President of USA.,why not?he will be a very good external affairs,and internal affairs minister..coz he knows whats what about all I said did you read his "Deception Point" ma'm...its a fiction about two persons fighting to get elected as US president!!! in this book he used a interesting punch dialogue "don't spend too much,but mend yourself" which is as popular as barrak Obama's "we want change"....terrible ma'am..terrible...

Like Dan Brown's, "Da vinci code" ,"Angels and Demons" I like Robert Ludlum's "The Gemini Contenders" and sam Bourne's "The righteous man" please try this novels too...

message 24: by Hollis (new)

Hollis ''please try this novels too...''

Do I have to?

Sridhar Babu You have to..coz.,recommended by Sridhar...who always prefers "class and standard"

Sridhar Babu Hollis, I like your style of repeating my words and sharing your views..I hope you are born writer..(I hope your next msg., will begin "you are born I???!!!)

Cherry I am just now starting this book, but read your review about fiction and people taking it to seriously. I personally think it is an excellent book and author because he does spark controversy, and causes people to think which we don't do enough of now a days.

message 28: by Luis (new) - rated it 2 stars

Luis Camacho I didn't think this book was particularly great, but it was entertaining enough. I agree with Anna and Adam. People need to lighten up a bit. None a Dan Brown's books should become How-to guides on howto live our lives, or become sources for historical facts. By this time everyone should know that as great as the DaVinci Code was, in the end it was just a novel, not a complete rewriting of our history as we know it.
Adam, I understand what you are trying to say. People tend to take offense too easily for content in fictional work that are merely intended to highten the sense of evil in the villians. Nothing makes a great heroe like a great villian, and in todays age, the villians need to be made much more depraved and insidious in order for the hero to seem that much more extraordinary by the end of the story. I don't believe that authors should censor themselves on the off chance that they might offend someone.

message 29: by Jo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jo Leland I read this book in only 3 days, and although reading isn't my primary hobby, that pretty much shows I found it a "page turner". I'd figured out the secret word in Da Vinci code, and thought that one was less exciting. Guess some of us like apples and some oranges. :)

message 30: by Damian (new)

Damian No yeh not? As it was written, that novels reading wasn't all about story telling as it is also a form of entertainment.?
Why would you ponder all day long trying to fit in where it don't matter .??

message 31: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Santos Digital Fortress was amazing! I certainly loved it. Dan brown is a great author.

message 32: by Roy (new) - rated it 1 star

Roy Hull I enjoyed angels and demons and the Da Vinci Code but
I gotta say I thought this book was a very unenjoyable read. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to it. It felt like Dan Brown was writing it as his next movie rather than a good read.

But if you enjoyed it then fair play!

Trinity Lov the honest review. Yeah too many people are way too serious here

Marte It annoys me when people say someone has a bad writing style. That's a subjective opinion, and not a fact. I love Browns writing style, it's quick, to the point and what everyone should expect of a book like this.

Sometimes it seems like people have to criticise a book just because it's popular. Just look at Twilight. Now, I'm not saying Twilight is a good book, but the hate it has received is almost scary.

message 35: by Nikki (new) - rated it 1 star

Nikki Well, Marte, there are certain things that are clumsy in writing, like tautologies and contradictions so on. This Telegraph article has some examples from Dan Brown's work. If you like that, fine, but that doesn't make it good.

(I like plenty of writing that isn't objectively good, too. Just because you or I or a literature professor likes it doesn't make it good by default. Liking is subjective; technical merit, less so.)

Nandini Soni I really liked this book. Actually frankly saying this was my first novel having its theme as more mysterious than any other novels that I have read. It was an engrossing novel but approaching end and sometimes in between , it got a bit boring for me to handle its text. But I really appreciate Dan Brown as a writer , mostly because it enhanced my vocabulary, it's plot and I was able to look at history as more of enjoyable.

Nikko Rustum i really dont care what haters want to say about dan's writing ... a read all his books and i enjoy all of it... its good to know some others also like it

Antonio at this point Robert Langdon should either stay home or take self defense classes

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