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In-N-Out Burger by Stacy Perman
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Dec 04, 09

Read in December, 2009

This book was so boring. I love books about industries and food, so this was right up my alley. But oh man. Oh man. So boring.

I am 100% convinced that this author had either a word or page quota that she had to meet. I wrote reports exactly like this...when I was in elementary school...and had to do 6 pages, double spaced. So instead of saying, "The colors of the Iraqi flag are: black, white, red, and green," (12 words) I would say something like, 'The flag of the country Iraq has many numerous colors, such as black, white, and red. The flag also has the color of green on it." (26 words!!!! Ha ha!) And I would also throw in random, unrelated facts such as: 'Iraq is located in the Middle East. Some people do not know where the Middle East is located. Many of those people do not watch 'Jeopardy'. Jeopardy asks many varied trivia questions, such as '...' Anyway, did you see what I did? I just started adding stuff that had nothing to do with my topic. The author did this a whole bunch of times, like the style of house (Spanish) that the wife of the founder of Carl's Jr grew up in. Yes, this was a book about In-N-Out. I am rolling my eyes!!!

Another super boring part was the detailing of the ancestors of the In-N-Out founders. Maybe if those ancestors had been really big fans of burgers or fries it would have been important, but nope, it was just filler.

Oh! I did absolutely love that the founders named their first son 'Harry Guy Snyder'. HAHAHA! It wasn't Harold Guy, but Harry Guy!!!!! I don't think they thought that one through all the way.

Another thing that was stupid is that the In-N-Out Burger people do not talk to reporter and other media. So all the interviews were with people who had been pushed away from the family & the business, such as ex-wives. Yep, an ex-wife who got cut out of a bzillion dollar inheritance...that'll get you an unbiased look at the company!

I think this would have been a very good 6 or 7 page ARTICLE in a magazine, but for a book...NO WAY. Skip it.

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message 1: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Great review! How disappointing that a topic with so much potential would turn out to be so lame. I still want an In-N-Out burger right now.

Emily I know...I still want to eat a burger also. I keep trying to talk my husband into driving to Draper (from Roy) to get one. He says no. Alternatively I suggested that on our way to Thanksgiving dinner in Saratoga Springs we could have stopped. It would have been right on our way. But he said no to that too. Good thing I married a sensible man!! Haha.

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