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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma
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May 04, 2009

it was amazing
Read in May, 2009

This book is chock full of great quotes. I actually listened to this book at the gym, not just once, but twice. Then I ordered the book so I can write all those wonderful quotes down. Remember I only give 5 stars to books I want to own. :-)I loved it - and bought it.

Every event has a purpose and every setback its lesson. Failure is essential to personal expansion.

Never regret your past. Embrace it as the teacher it is.

He hiked alone, using this time to silently reflect on where he had been in his life and where he was now headed.

Twin disciplines: personal mastery and self-responsibility

Success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within.

Self mastery and the consistent care of one’s mind, body and soul are essential to finding one’s highest self and living one’s dreams.

When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Julian Mantle said his heart attack was “a rupture of my inner core.”

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

Savor the magical dance of life

Mind management is the essence of life management

Mental mastery comes through conditioning.

When you dedicate yourself to transforming your inner world your life quickly shifts from the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary.

Our mind is the only thing that we have absolute dominion over.

What really separates people who are habitually upbeat and optimistic from those who are consistently miserable is how the circumstances of life are interpreted and processed.

When you form the habit of searching for the positive in every circumstance, your life will move into its highest dimensions.

Your outer world reflects the state of your inner world.

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

From struggle comes strength.

To savor the good one must know the bad.

My heart attack was my defining moment… I saw the seeds of opportunity in my painful experience.

Stop spending so much time making a living and far more time creating a life.

The starting point of magnificent transformation was mental fitness. Success on the outside indeed begins with success on the inside, and by changing our thoughts.

If you’ve become a negative thinker, you’ve not cared for your mind and taken the time to train it to focus on the good.

Winston Churchill: “the price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts.”

Enlightened thinkers know that their thoughts form their world and the quality of one’s life comes down to the richness of one’s thoughts. If you want to live a more peaceful, meaningful life, you must think more peaceful, meaningful thoughts.

All lasting inner change requires time and effort. Persistence is the mother of personal change.

Luck is nothing more than the marriage of preparation with opportunity.

The secret of happiness: find out what you truly love to do and then direct all your energy towards doing it.

Comfort zone: the best thing you can do for yourself is regularly move beyond it. This is the way to lasting personal mastery.

How will you ever get to third base with one foot on second?

Daily incremental improvements produce lasting results which in turn lead to positive change.

Staring at and savoring the rose: after a week or two you should be able to perform the technique for 20 minutes without your mind wandering. This is the first indications that you are taking back the fortress of your mind.

Either you control your mind or it controls you.

When an undesirable thought occupies the focal point of your mind, immediately replace it with an uplifting one. It’s as if your mind is a giant slide projector, with every thought in your mind being a slide. Whenever a negative slide comes up on the screen, take swift action to replace it with a positive one.

Thoughts are vital, living little buddies of energy.

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

Weak minds lead to weak actions.

If you hope to make remarkable improvements in your outer world, start within and change the caliber of your thoughts.

Early morning possesses magical qualities from which to benefit.

If there’s a lack in your life it’s because there is a lack in your thoughts.

There is nothing noble about being superior to another person. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

When you consistently direct your mind to live in the present you will always have boundless energy, no matter what time the clock reflects.

Cultivate your mind. It will blossom beyond your expectations.

Quality of life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

There are no mistakes, only lessons. See setbacks as opportunities for personal expansion and spiritual growth.

“Create the kind of life you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Foster C. McClellan

As you strive to improve the lives of others, your own life will be elevated into its highest dimension.

He who serves the most, reaps the most emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the way to inner peace and outer fulfillment.

Never let the weeds of impure thought and action take the garden of your mind.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

The secret of success is constancy of purpose. The happiness you are searching for comes through reflecting on the worthy aims you are dedicated to achieving and then take action daily to advance them.

Things which are most important should never be sacrificed to things which are least important.

Judge by results.

You’ll never hit a target you can’t see.

Goal setting will make your life magnificent. Your world will become richer, more delightful, more magical.

Set concrete objectives.

Enthusiasm is one of the key ingredients of a lifetime of successful living.

We think about 60,000 thoughts a day. By writing your desires and goals on paper you send a red flag to your subconscious mind that these thoughts are far more important than the remaining 59,999 other ones.

Life pretty much gives you what you ask of it.

You change your life the moment you set your goals and start to seek your Dharma.

Concentrate your mind on your life’s main aims,. Your mind starts to filter out the unimportant and focus only on the important.

Master the art of goal setting and goal getting, by starting off small. 1) Have a clear vision of your outcome. 2) Create positive pressure to keep you inspired. 3) Never set a goal without attaching a time line to it.

Fill your dream book with pictures of things you desire and images of people who have cultivated the abilities, talents, and qualities that you hope to immolate.

The way to permanently install a new habit is to direct so much energy toward it that the old one slips away like an unwelcome house guest.

A burning sense of passion is the most potent fuel for your dreams.

Passion for life = Reclaim the joy of waking up every morning full of energy and exhilaration. Breath the fire of passion into all that you do. You will quickly reap great material and spiritual rewards.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you is nothing compared to what lies within you.

Good people strengthen themselves ceaselessly. ~~ Confucius

Kaizen – Japanese. It means constant and never-ending improvement. It’s the personal trademark of everyone who is living a soaring, fully awake existence.

Success on the outside begins with success on the inside.

Improve your inner world through continuous self-improvement. Self mastery is the DNA of life mastery.

No man is free who is not master of himself. ~~ Epictatus

3 virtues = strength of character, developing mental toughness and living with courage. These lead to virtuous life filled with achievement

Those who master themselves have an abundance of courage.

Kaizen is the constant and never ending enrichment of mind, body and soul.

People grow the most when they enter the zone of the unknown.

The only limits on your life are the ones you set on yourself.

When you push beyond your limits, you unlock mental and physical reserves you never thought you had.

You practice the art of kaizen by pushing yourself daily. Work hard to improve you mind and body. Nourish your spirit. Do things you fear. Start to live with unbridled energy and limitless enthusiasm.

Watch the sun rise. Dance in a rain shower. Be the person you dream of being. Do the things you always wanted to do but didn’t because you tricked yourself into believing you were too old, young, rich, poor…

Prepare to live a soaring fully alive life. Luck favors the prepared mind. Life favors the prepared mind.

Indentify the things that are holding you back.

Fear is nothing more than a negative stream of consciousness.

Conquer your fears and conquer your life.

Erase fear from your mind, you start to look younger and your health becomes more vibrant.

What sets highly actualized people apart from those who never live inspired lives is that they do things that less developed people don’t like doing – even though they may not like doing them either. Truly enlightened people, those who experience deep happiness daily are prepared to put off short-term pleasure for long term fulfillment.

Kaizen – improving every aspect of yourself ceaselessly and continuously.

I must change myself before I change my life.

Happiness comes through the progressive realization of a worthy objective. When you are doing what you truly love, you’re bound to find deep contentment.

Inner quietness brings a wealth of benefits including a deep sense of well-being, inner peace and boundless energy.

Beautiful images soothe a ruffled soul.

Reserve a spot for your activities, a place that sits there quietly awaiting your arrival.

Care for the body. As you prepare your body, prepare your mind. As you train your body, so train your mind.

Lifelong learning and expanding your knowledge base is good for you and those around you.

Become a student of life. Read regularly, nourishing stuff, something that will improve you and the quality of your life.

A book is the best friend of the wise. Some books are meant to be tasted, some chewed, some swallowed whole, and some spat out.

Recommended reading. Biography of Benjamin Franklin; Gandhi—The story of my experiments with truth. Siddharth, by Herman Hesse; Marcus Aurelius; Senca; Napaleon Hill.

Books help you see what’s inside yourself.

Personal reflection = the habit of thinking.

Happiness comes through good judgment. Good judgment comes through experience, experience comes through bad judgment.

Figure out what is right and wrong in your days and life through personal reflection.

Nothing in extremes. Everything in moderation.

Quality sleep is more important than quantity.

Mantra = a phrase meant to free the mind.

Take daily, incremental action to build your character.

Sow a thought, reap and action. Reap an action, sow a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Principles to live by: Industry, compassion, humility, patience, honesty and courage. Your character is built when you act in a way that corresponds with these principles.

Never live in the thick of thin things. Focus on your priorities, those activities that are truly meaningful.

Reduce your needs or you’ll never feel fulfilled.

You’re at your best when you’re moving forward.

Failure is not having courage to try. Fear of failure is standing between most people and their dreams. Failure tests us and allows us to grow. It offers lessons and guides along the path of enlightenment. Every arrow that hits the bull’s eye is a result of 100 misses. Profit through loss. Don’t fear failure. Failure is your friend.

The Universe favors the brave.

To build a will of iron, it’s essential to take small, tiny acts in tribute to the virtue of personal discipline.

Self-discipline will provide you with the mental reserves required to persevere when life throws you a curve.

It’s willpower that allows you to hold your tongue when a less-actualized person insults. It’s willpower that pushes your dreams forward when odds appear insurmountable. Willpower is an essential virtue of every person who wants to create a life rich with passion, possibility and peace.

Thru the steel of discipline you will forge a character rich with courage and peace.

Enlightened people don’t seek to be like others. They seek to be superior to their former selves. Don’t race against others, race against yourself.

Bringing self control and discipline into your life will bring a tremendous sense of freedom. This alone will change things.

Self control is nothing more than mind control. When you master your mind, you master your life.

Positive always overcomes negative. If you continue to wage war against the weaker thoughts that have silently crept into your mind, eventually they’ll see they’re unwanted and unwelcome.

Control your thoughts and you’ll control your mind and you’ll control your life.

Words are the verbal embodiment of power. By filling your mind with words of hope, you become hopeful. By filling your mind with words of kindness, you become kind. Fill your minds with thoughts of courage and your become courageous. Words and thoughts have power.

Mantra: I am more than I appear to be. All the world’s strength and power rest inside me.

Surest sign of a weak mind is a body that cannot rest.

Do things you don’t like doing by getting in the habit of exerting your will, you’ll cease to be a slave to your weaker impulses.

To build willpower and inner strength, you must first use it to hold your tongue. Do that for an extended period of time would have the effect of enhancing one’s discipline.

It’s your birthright to be all you can be. You have the power to be more than your environment. You have the capacity to be more than a prisoner of your past. You must become the master of your will.

Do the things you know you should do rather than take the path of least resistance.

The 1000 mile journey begins by taking the first step. We grow by degrees.

Small victories lead to large victories. You must build on small things to achieve the great.

Keep setting the mark higher and raising the standard.

Momentum is the secret ingredient to building self-discipline.

Small victories create the momentum that excites you to take larger steps along the path to your higher self.

Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind. Sir Isaac Pitman.

In the fable: Garden= inspiring thoughts
Lighthouse= life purpose
Sumo wrestler= continuous discovery
Wire cable= will power

Time mastery is life mastery

The most meaningful things in life should never be sacrificed to those that are least meaningful.

Everything you do forms one indivisible whole.

Enlightened people are priority driven

Become a student of life. Be ruthless with your time. Having the courage to say no to little things in life will give you the power to say yes to the big things.

The phone is there for my convenience, not the convenience of others.

Productive people cultivate the habit of doing the things that less productive people don’t like doing, even though they may not like doing them either.

The masters of their time live simple lives.

Don’t dream of the magical rose garden on the horizon. Enjoy the one in your back yard.

Laughter opens the heart and soothes the soul. Don’t take life so seriously you forget to laugh at yourself.

Best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago. Second best time is today.

Push self to do and experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Expand your dreams.

Act as if failure is impossible and your success is assured. Wipe out thoughts of not achieving goals. Be brave.

Julian Mantle said, “I’m so different from the Julian Mantle they knew I don’t think the same thoughts, wear the same clothes, don’t do the same things. I’m a fundamentally changed person."

Ancient Indian saying: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Father asked son everyday what good deeds he’d done that day.

Quality of life comes down to your contribution.

A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the roses.

When you work to improve the lives of others, you indirectly elevate your own life. It becomes richer and more meaningful.

Paradigm – the lens through which you see the events of your life, both external and internal.

Most noble thing is to give to others.

Your life moves to a more magical dimension when you start striving to make the world a better place.

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator. ~~ Gandhi

Truly joyful and rewarding life comes from living in the now.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

The path you’re currently walking on is rich with diamonds and priceless treasure.

Today is the day to live fully. Never put off living.

Live your children’s childhood. Few things are as meaningful as being a part of your children’s childhood.

Happiness is a journey. It’s also a choice you make. You can marvel at the diamonds along the way or you can keep running, chasing the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that ultimately reveals itself empty. Enjoy the special moments that everyday offers because today, this day is all you have.

Fill your existence with the jewels of everyday life.

Life doesn’t always give you what you ask for, but it always gives you what you need.

By giving daily thanks for all my assets, material or spiritual, I’ll develop the habit of living in the moment.

When you savor the now, you kindle the fire of life that allows you to grow your destiny.

The journey is to be enjoyed. The road is just as good as the end.

Like the Taj Mahal, a life overflowing with wonders is built day by day, block by block. Small victories lead to large victories. Tiny incremental changes will create positive habits. Positive habits will create results. Results will inspire you towards greater personal change.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you matters little when compared to what lies within you.

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