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Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson
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May 04, 09

Read in May, 2009

Pretty good. I have to leave off a star because anything like this can only be speculation. LMM didn't write it. But, it seems to fit with the clues in the original books. I'm planning on rereading them to double check my most dubious feelings from this book. Like, I don't buy the part where Anne was already in love with PEI. I'm pretty certain that happened after she got there. And I'm not sure the timing at each of those families was correct, but the story flowed well, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was mis-remembering. I'm not sure I would have made her parents truly perfect. Those kinds of memories that Anne has via her foster parents would definitely have to be that "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing--their lives were so blah that the one bright spot they remembered would be all that Anne heard, and Anne made it much more than it really was because of her remarkable imagination. But at the same time, some of the less perfect moments that were dealt with, were not in LMM's style. The fact that Anne was on the way would have been danced around at all costs, with only vague hints the reader has to guess at. I found it too ironic that at 3 and 4 Anne sounded so adult, even without having enough words; that she named one of the cats with the same name as her future husband, even if she took the name from Gilbert and Sullivan; and that somehow she didn't know how to pray, despite the schooling she got which included some religious education.
However, I believed the book. It fits with everything else we know about Anne having read the entire Green Gables series. I loved how she was always naming the trees and pieces of her world around her. I felt sorry for her, happy for her, sad for her, and overwhelmed for her. Anne is the best. :)

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