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Willy by Geert de Kockere
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Julia's Rating: 5 Stars

As many pictures books will do,the cover of "Willy" drew me in and inspired my to crack open the cover. Who can resist an elephant in a wee-little top hat and a black bow tie?

Readers meet Willy, an elephant with "leg like pillars," "a body as big as two," and "two huge ears that flopped in the wind." One might suspect that Willy might feel different or self-conscious because of these attributes, but as the story continues, readers will find that Willy is in high demand because his features make him so helpful, useful and great to have around. He does things very well - like paint, keep musical time, and resolve conflicts. He's a Renaissance man. What a guy!

Carll Cneut's illustration are just charming, whimsical portraits of fancily dressed characters, all in red, orange, black and grey. Simple yet striking.

"Willy" is a cheerful book with a heartwarming message so subtle it sneaks up on you: our features - big ears, stocky legs, wide bodies - that may cause us to be self-conscious might just be our best attributes, especially when used to help others and have a good time.

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