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Every Dead Thing by John Connolly
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NYPD detective Charlie Parker's wife and daughter are mutilated and killed by a deranged murderer.

Trying to get his life back together, he resignes from the police. Then his former partner asks him to find a young woman who has disappeared. She had been dating the step-son of a woman Charlie's partner knew through charity work.

After stopping in New Orleans to meet a psychic who told him she could hear the cries of a woman who had been murdered in the same manner as Charlie's family, Charlie looks for the woman, Catherine Demeter.

Catherine was from a town called Haven and Charlie learns that she made a call to the sheriff there. Charlie goes to the town and learns that the people there are trying to distance themselves from the killings of four children a number of years ago.

The description of the characters and the heart beating pace of the story is so well done that it's difficult for the reader to pause from the dramatic events. The author provides a relief when he has the characters stop and reminisc about their past. This is also a good way to develop a character.

The book is not for everyone but for those who enjoyed such books as "The Silence of the Lambs," this is a book they won't forget.

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