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Automated Alice by Jeff Noon
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Apr 10, 07

bookshelves: 2007, novels

This book was decently entertaining, but not the best Alice fanfiction I've ever read (That would be Robert Gilmore's _Alice in Quantumland_). Alice was too ditzy and some of the puns and references were just too precious - for instance, there is a spider in the book named Quentin Tarantula. I wouldn't say I hated it, but I don't think I'd read it again.

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Brandy I now have to find Alice in Quantumland.

As for this one?--the puns just got to be too much, like he'd stopped even trying to write a story and just focused on the quasi-witty snippets. Quentin Tarantula, indeed. Mr. Zenith O'Clock. My eyes nearly rolled out of my skull.

I might bring it back to Mac&Moore, and see if I can recoup some of the $7 I spent on it.

Summer Be forewarned, there's a ton of quantum physics in Alice in Quantumland. It's still a lot of fun, though.

Also, I didn't like Automated Alice so much, but it sure is a handsomely designed book! Maybe you should keep it just to enjoy looking at it.

Brandy Would you believe after high school and AP Physics AND 3 college classes, I've never ONCE had a class that made it all the way to quantum physics? maybe it's time I taught myself a little bit about it, just to read Alice!

I agree about the nice design of this Alice, but with our shelves as tightly-packed as they are, to hold onto something just for design seems... well, exactly like something I'd do. So now I'm in quite the quandary.

Summer Well, it was *my* introduction to quantum physics, so I'll bet you'll like it!

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