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Power of Three by Diana Wynne Jones
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Feb 24, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 00-pre-2008, fantasy, fiction
Read in December, 2003

I wasn't sure why, but I picked up the book anyway. It was the first book of Diana Wynne Jones that I actually bought which then began my long love affair. A very long one which should say something as Jones' books were never what I would ever call an easy read. Actually, I would say it was pretty much a struggle to read. Unlike every other story that I came to love, I did not fall for this book over the first line. I mean, who would? "This is the story of the children of Adara -" That was hardly a good opening unless if I was watching National Geographic and the narrator's voice was bewitching me to watch more of the one-hour long documentary on the Ancient Kings of China. Well, that or if I was five and had to have my mom read the story book to me. It felt like I was being harassed into listening to a story-telling contest. A slow starting one.

Only, instead of throwing the book saying; "I've had it!", I actually found myself reading it. Well, when you're in High School, you get away with just about anything and plenty of time to waste. But, after reading it, turning the pages, I realized something very important -- I wasn't wasting my time. It was a slow book. A book which force you to pay attention, it's like watching a scene from a movie waiting for the right guy to finally (like really!) kiss that right girl and he was fidgeting and you're like; "Damn it! Kiss her already," and he did. Soon, you found yourself thrown into the excitement and the adventure began before you could grab a hold, it's like a huge tidal wave, you crashed.

Not a bad crash, a good one. Well, you survived and found that the book was something more. I found, soon enough, that I could really relate to the character. Well, at least Gair. It was easy, difficult, and completely annoying all in once. Still, it was a good book, about an adventure three siblings had -- Gair, Ayna and Ceri.

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