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The Thirteenth House by Sharon Shinn
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May 02, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: high-fantasy
Read in May, 2009

Book Two in the Twelve House series was pretty enjoyable…for the most part. This book has a similar format, in that the six main characters (and a few extras) are again traveling through Gillengaria. Only this time they are escorting the Princess to some of the Twelve Houses to attend the summer balls. It did get a little old as they traveled from house to house, but it was still entertaining and the political intrigue kept my attention. Kirra takes on the appearance of her sister, Casserah, for the majority of the book. This got a little old after awhile, it would have been a good idea for a shorter time period, but I felt it was drawn out a little too long. The other six weren’t really present that much and I missed the “magic” that comes when they are all together. I’m a bit upset about the direction Kirra’s character took and am debating about reading the next books….okay, I’ll still read them because Justin is next and I’m excited to see things from his perspective. I’ve always liked Justin and if it wasn’t for Donnal, I’d want Kirra to be with him. Anyway, overall a good second book, I’d have rated it higher if it weren’t for stupid, womanizer Romar.

Spoilers & Disappointments
Kirra is one of my favorite characters, in book one I just loved Kirra’s character and was so excited to find out book two would be from her perspective. So, I was completely disappointed in her falling in love with Romar…or as I like to call him “roamer” (since he tends to roam away from his loving wife to shack up with Kirra). It was frustrating to read about their growing relationship, which to me was based more on lust than love. What they had was not love and it was unpleasant to read about. It really tainted my opinion of Kirra and I really couldn’t stand Romar. I felt so sad for Donnal, and wanted to shout at Kirra for her double standard. Claiming she couldn’t be with Donnal because he was poor and yet she could be with a married man? Duh. The last thing I’ll say is that they both got off too easy, especially Romar. He felt no guilt, remorse or anything. He got off way too easy. As for Kirra, she also got off to easy, and I don’t feel she really learned her lesson or the seriousness of her behavior. She doesn’t deserve Donnal.
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Miss Clark Kathy, is there anything in Thirteenth House that I would need to know, other than what you already communicated, to understand the other books? Or anything important to the group as a whole? B/c this just sounds thoroughly distressing and I'd rather skip ahead to 3 if possible....

Thank you very much!

Kathy ~ Bookworm Nation Hmmm, to be honest its been too long since I've read it. I think since its part of a series you would be missing out on some of the story if you skip it. If/when I re-read the series I will probably skip this one, or at least skip the parts I didn't like. =)

Miss Clark Ah, understood. Thanks for letting me know.

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