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Mad Girls in Love by Michael Lee West
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Aug 30, 2007

Read in July, 2007

I wasn't thrilled with this book.
I picked it up at the library, the little library in town where I live, where they have a small collection of audio books on CD, as opposed to the city library which has tons.
This was one of the few audio books the town library had in stock, and so I took a chance. I'm still trying to decide if the book was worth the five or so hours it took to listen to.
Mainly, I felt depressed when I finished it. I don't want to ruin it for people who might actually venture to read it, but I just felt really depressed when it was all over - finally. all. over.
The book is about several generations of women, mothers, daughters, granddaughters and in-laws who all have their squabbles with one another. Mothers, daughters, etc. squabbling with eachother isn't exactly original (and for those flighty types who enjoy going to happy ending movies just to escape reality, this part of the book might be too close to reality to be enjoyable.) Really, the squabbling wasn't what got me. It was all the cheating men in the women's lives who they get mixed up that makes their stories annoying and almost unbearable.
I would say this is close to the type of book most people would consider good beach reading, because it's super fiction-ish (at least I hope it's all fiction - if any of it is based on truth, I can only imagine the therapy the people involved went through)and very girlish, drama-ish too.
Some parts of the book were witty, and there were a few brief moments where the verses were actually clever, but even these moments aren't really appealing because I was so caught off guard that the otherwise unintelligent banter of the characters took an intellectual turn for the better that I was scratching my head - having a "what-the?" moment as opposed to an "ah-ha" moment.
Take a gander at the book yourself and let me know what you think. Maybe I missed the bigger picture, but I don't think this book is one I want to revisit any time soon.
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Beth The cheating men were sad...and they seemed to draw those men, didn't they? But, unfortunately, some women seem to do that...and it often perpetuates through generations. I loved that these women persevered, though...for certain, nothing got them down...cheating men, estranged children, mental illness...they're like the energizer bunnies!

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