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Blindness by José Saramago
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Sep 12, 2009

really liked it

Blindness is a dark, plot driven, post-apocalyptic story. For the most part I couldn't put the book down.

However, the prose did turn me off, to a degree. I like the author's style of dialogue, where the characters's speech, or sometimes thoughts, all roll together into long paragraphs with nothing but a comma separating the different speakers's words. It's a little challenging but fun, and effective.

I did not appreciate the odd very long lists that are used here and there. These lists can go on for what feels like a hundred words, or so. Very tedious. I disliked the very long, run-on sentences. I don't understand what Saramago was going for and to me it simply felt like the writing needed serious editing.

And then there's all the 'authorializing' and long winded passages which are often used to express characters's thoughts and ponderings. I have nothing against a writer being authorial with his narrative, but I've come to believe that doing so is extremely risky. In this reader's case, for example, I found most of it a little corny and too simple. So yeah, very risky stuff.

But I still give Blindness 4 stars as I did enjoy the story. And now for the movie...

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Beverly Hi Denis, Funny, I don't even remember any lists? I read it awhile ago and in two sittings. I couldn't put it down and loved it, loved it, loved it. Couldn't wait to loan it to a friend who also loved it. Guess you are the more discerning reader, but believe me, the book sure was better than the film.

Denis Hi, Bev! There were just a few long lists, maybe three, but they annoyed me and I wondered what Saramago was up to. And I found the prose a little long-winded so those lists only served to further irk me.

It was a good story, though, and I found the movie did it justice. But then again I'd just finished reading it so maybe I automatically filled in gaps in the screenplay. Plus, I'm a Mark Ruffalo fan.

Beverly well, maybe I didn't enjoy the movie because I was SO in love with the book, and who could it do it better than my mind's eye? But, no, it was a pretty good rendition as far as movies from books go, I agree.

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